Astral Nights, poetry

Astral Nights

Astral Nights ~ astral night magic endless stars glowing above my heart sings with joy ~ This amazing photo is from Brendon Cremer, a wildlife photographer who leads photographic tours in Africa. I would love to go on an African safari to see the great herds of animals. I’ve had a fascination with lions and…

Vera Komnig, painting, poetry

Cosmic Light

Cosmic Light   visitors from distant galaxies meteors dash across the horizon filling the sky with wondrous light leaving trails of cosmic joy ~ This painting by Vera Komnig fills my heart with joy. It’s like liquid sunshine! I invite you to explore Vera’s wonderful artwork.

Perseides Meteor Shower, poetry

Magic Nights

Magic Nights magic moments stir the night skies on fire with glorious light cosmic visitors streak across the sky wonder filling my heart and third eye ~ Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere were treated to three nights of magic in the skies last week. The Perseid Meteor Shower visited in full force with comet…