Astral Nights

Astral Nights

Astral Nights, poetry


astral night magic

endless stars glowing above

my heart sings with joy


This amazing photo is from Brendon Cremer, a wildlife photographer who leads photographic tours in Africa. I would love to go on an African safari to see the great herds of animals. I’ve had a fascination with lions and Africa ever since watching the TV show Wild Kingdom as a child. And what a treat to see a night sky like this photo. Wowza!


39 thoughts on “Astral Nights

  1. What an exquisite photograph and words. Like you, I have always wanted to visit Africa. I have a dear artist friend who lives in S. Africa with a safari lodge….One of these days I might just take her up on her invitation….Enjoy the day…janet:)

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  2. Oh just to see the amount of stars in a sky like that Brad.. Yes me too.. there is so much light pollution now we hardly ever see the stars..
    Loved your poem.. And yes it makes the heart Sing.. Wonderful photography share thank you Brad πŸ™‚
    Love and Hugs Sue

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