Echoes of Love

Echoes of LoveEchoes, poetry, love

your words, distilled light

soothing my fearful mind

your touch, liquid love

healing my weary body

your kindness, divine well

filling my empty vessel

your footprints, eternal treasures

leaving echoes of love in my soul

walk on by…


This post is to remind me of the changing nature of life and form. Love is within all form if we look with compassion. My life works best when I allow the flow, like a passing river, neither grasping or resisting. And if we’re lucky, a few fellow travelers touch us to the very core, leaving eternal footprints in our soul. ~ muse brad



36 thoughts on “Echoes of Love

  1. WOW!. Yesterday was a really difficult day for me, and I woke up this morning feeling a little gloomy. I asked God to please show me that I am loved today, and this blog was the very first thing I saw today.
    Thank you for speaking the words my soul needed to hear.
    God Bless.


    • WOW back! I’m so glad that I could be a part of God’s beauty to remind you of love in the world. You are most welcome and I’m grateful that my words could help you. Sending prayers, blessings and cyberhugs! πŸ™‚


  2. Wow, thanks Sue, that is the second comment today that did the same for me. I’m grateful for the gift to have touched you and others with my words. May we continue to share and uplift each other as friends on the path. Thank you.


  3. Pure perfection! But this line in your explanation: “And if we’re lucky, a few fellow travelers touch us to the very core, leaving eternal footprints in our soul” made me want to jump with joy. This, to me, is the very essence of life — connecting, uplifting, inspiring, changing another’s perspective for the better or allowing another to put music in your heart…YOU do that for so many, Dear Brad. Thank you!!!! xo


  4. Wow, thanks for the high praise Shauna!
    My words flowed today. It’s funny that you picked that line. It was my favorite and I thought most powerful, but I didn’t want to rework the poem to fit it in the body, so I put it as a footnote. And I agree with you, about it being the essence of life, and I feel grateful for those who have not only uplifted me, but touched me to the core with their love or listening or simple presence.

    I’m touched by your praise, and grateful that I can uplift others with my words, I would like to get better at doing it in person to create the kind of friendships that we’re talking about. I haven’t had that in a while.
    Thanks for uplifting me too!!! πŸ™‚


  5. Brad…I love this …and it is just what I need to read and be reminded of right now! You are a beautiful poet and I just get so excited when I see a poem from you. Thank you for touching my life!! ❀


  6. You are most welcome! I’m delighted that you and others enjoyed this poem so much. I hope I can channel
    that energy again. XD. I appreciate your feedback and support. blessings my dear Lorrie ❀


  7. Hi Brad,

    I love all your poems and the imagery goes straight to my heart. This one too is exceptionally exalted in thought. I am sure one day you will compile them into a beautiful book. You have to push a little more…muse a bit more…add a bit more!


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