Snowy Dreams

Snowy Dreamspoetry, snow, garden


while I lay sleeping

mysterious visitors arrived

frozen vapors from the heavens

playing with my imagination

leaving footprints on snowy dreams



Snowy Dreams, poetry

Snowy Dreams, poetryWe just had our first snow of the year! It snowed a mere 3 inches, shutting down our schools and some businesses. For you northerners, please note we had rain and sleet first to leave the roads an icy mess. For the children and young at heart, our brief storm left a beautiful blanket of pristine white snow, inviting beauty, play, mystery and mayhem.

I am curious what creature left these mysterious footprints in my garden. Any guesses?

Happy Winter and Snowy Dreams!


46 thoughts on “Snowy Dreams

  1. Growing up while living in the north, I always used to be totally fascinated by the quiet power of snow. Going to sleep at night with the roads clear, waking up in the morning with a white blanket covering everything – all without so much as a whisper – it is magical 🙂

    Thanks Brad for taking me down memory lane with your beautifully crafted words and imagery 😉

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  2. Looks like the mystery footprints have been identified. 🙂 I have at least 1′ of snow in my backyard and have seen rabbit tracks across my deck and out into the yard. Living in the Norhteast I am just a tad sick of this winter although it is always so beautiful after each new snowfall. Happy Winter and snowy dreams to you!

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  3. A lovely Poem Brad.. and don’t you just love seeing who creeps around your garden at night?.. 🙂 as those tail-tell footprints get left behind…
    We usually see a fox’s foot prints, easy to spot as he walks in a straight line.. But you don’t get to see until it snows what animals are walking about.. :-).. Though we have our fair share of cats.. as they use our garden to cut through to the hedgerows where they find shrews and mice..
    Stay warm and safe.

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  4. How nice to be able to see the snow and see beauty 🙂 Right about now it is hard to see as the millionth snow storm pummels the area…A winter to remember for sure or rather forget. Those prints are definitely racoon…You can see the thumb on the edge of the print. They are easy to train and they love marshmallows..Glad you enjoyed your visitor from the heavens…Spring is just around the corner I heard…I’m waiting! Blessings…VK

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    • Hi VK, I’m sorry you’re being buried in snow. I actually enjoy snow in small doses to bring out my inner child to play. Maybe I’ll try the marshmallows. 🙂 I bet you’ll really appreciate spring this year.


      • Yes I shall greatly appreciate spring. I already hear new birds coming back. Spring is in the wings now for sure 🙂 My uncle had two racoons who came every night for marshmallows.They left for a while and he figured they were gone. They soon appeared again with a full family in tow….They ate the marshmallows from his hands every evening…Clarance and Clarabelle and kids….It was pretty cool….VK 🙂

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