Awesome Stories 1.78

This week Awesome Stories brings you Teddy’s teacher, cool batteries, Danny’s gang, sustainable zoos and smooth magic. Enjoy!

Teddy and his Teacher Teddy Stallard, Awesome Stories

Get your tissues ready! This is a very touching story about the power of one person to change the direction of another person’s life. It’s hard to say whether Teddy or his teacher, Mrs. Thompson was more impacted. Mrs. Thompson became the kind of teacher we all want. And Teddy turned his life around. I’ll leave the details for your enjoyment!

Sad boy image from

Power Japan Plus

Here are some brand new batteries that could truly be a game changer for solving all the challenges with batteries. These batteries use only carbon with no toxic metals, last about 10 times longer, charge 20 times faster, cost less and don’t heat up or require cooling, meaning they’re very safe. If testing confirms their performance, Power Japan Plus could transform the markets for EVs, batteries and energy storage, allowing renewable energy to be much more competitive too. Here is the PJP promo video if you’re interested. Keep your fingers crossed!

Danny’s Gang

Meet Danny’s gang and learn how they stood up for Danny and helped teach others students a valuable lesson. Danny Keefe had been getting bullied at school for wearing suits and his speech impediment. When Danny’s pee wee football teammates heard about the bullying, they decided to do something to stand up for Danny and offer a lesson to other kids. Watch the video for the rest of this story that tugged at my heart.

Sustainable Zoos

Look at this wonderful project at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, DC. Next time I go see my family, I plan to see this Elephant Trails exhibit. The National Zoo has totally rebuilt their habitat and buildings for the elephants to be much more healthy and sustainable. They’ve created geo- thermal walls, natural lighting and many features to make the habitat more natural for the elephants like larger communal rooms, natural ventilation and lighting, sand and earth floors and varied terrains. This LEED sustainable model is being duplicated at zoos around the country to both save energy, protect the animals and serve as a model of good stewardship for endangered animals like elephants.

Smoothini Dazzles!

This ghetto magician will dazzle you or at least bring a smile to your face, especially the judges’ reactions. Enjoy a Smoothini treat. XD

 Have a great weekend and go be awesome!


14 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.78

  1. nice to hear the zoo in Wash. D.C. is well looked after. It was always a remarkable zoo. I remember visiting it many times in the 1970’s. I do hope they take real care of their animals, cos some zoos don’t. I cannot forget the killing of the little baby giraffe, eight years old, Marsius.


    • Thanks E.D. I hope so too. Truthfully, I have mixed feelings about zoos. A caged life isn’t that great, but for some species, their survival may depend on zoos now. And some zoos are getting more progressive in how they treat the animals as per this story. So we can hope. 🙂


  2. Wow Brad! Teddy and Mrs. Thompson made me cry…happy tears. All it takes sometimes is for one person to make a difference in another person’s life!! May we all strive to be the person who makes a difference 🙂
    And how bout that magician??? How does he do it? Love to you Brad ❤


  3. Thanks Lorrie. Your enthusiasm is so wonderful and brought a giant smile to my face! 🙂 Yes, I had happy tears too and aspire to make that kind of impact. No clue on the magician, but that’s OK, I can be blissfully unaware. XD Love right back. ❤


    • Back as promised… and loved all your links to this.. the first one about the teacher I had read before.. But it still got to me :-).. The battery well what can I say.. Those Japanese are the best in their creative talents.. But what got to my heart was the Danny… Oh what a great little guy and what super great friends he has… I literally Shed tears with this one .. still sniffing in fact!.. And last thank you for the Magician .. I enjoyed his Bar Magic.. brilliant ..

      Have a wonderful week, Take care.. Sue


  4. So much to enjoy and be intrigued by in this issue of Awesome Stories, Brad. The teacher Mrs. Thompson and the young boy Teddy, the bar magician (how does he do that!), the powerful new and different batteries, and the story about Danny’s gang.
    You have a fine ability for programming stories that interest, delight, inspire and intrigue the reader.
    Keep up the good work!


  5. What matters less is not who was impacted more. The take away in this story, Brad, is that people rush to conclusions and act before knowing the full story. Until one has walked, measurably, in the shoes of another, judge ye not.

    School teachers are expected to be role models and their foremost responsibility is to teach. Who knows what irreversible damage Mrs. Thompson could have imbued had she not learned the full story.

    There’s a lesson for all of us in this.

    And I share this with a kindred perspective: one of my sisters is an elementary school teacher.

    Good article to share!


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