Awesome Stories 182

This week Awesome Stories brings you free spirits, love in action, organic batteries, hybrid energy and happy feet.

Free Spirits

children playing, Awesome Stories

Thank goodness for children to remind us to play, be silly and make things up. Lately, I’ve been noticing myself drawn to children and play. This urge called forth a new poem called Dancing with Dino, but still I feel a call to play more. Here’s a wonderful collection of photographs of children playing. Enjoy or better yet, let’s go play!  🙂

Image from Mio Cade and Bored Panda.

Beautiful Heart

Richard Nares has a beautiful heart and models love in action. I admire his courage and kindness. One of the hardest things in life is the death of a child. His son Emilio died of cancer. Instead of getting stuck in grief, Richard returned to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego and asked how he could help. They told him that transportation is a big problem for many families, so he started offering rides to the children and their families. Many parents don’t the have the time or resources to shuffle their children back and forth for all the treatments at the hospital. What started as a simple ride service, has grown into the Emilio Nares Foundation, offering around 2500 rides and other assistance to families with children who have cancer.

Organic Mega Flow BatteriesMichael Aziz, organic flow batteries

This is another example of leading edge ideas for batteries that could transform not only battery technology, but energy storage to make renewable energy capable of providing full-time energy for homes and businesses. A Harvard team recently published results of a study on their new organic flow batteries. Their report reveals a metal-free flow battery that relies on the electro-chemistry of naturally abundant, inexpensive, small organic molecules called quinones. The key breakthrough is using an inexpensive organic compound that allows affordable energy storage of electricity generated from wind and solar. This is the holy grail of batteries and energy storage; cheap, abundant and non-toxic. 🙂

Happy Feet!

It might be time to dust off my dancing shoes. I love to dance and occasionally have dabbled in partner dancing. May I have this dance?  🙂

Setting Limits

This is a great article with ideas for setting limits to help eliminate procrastination. In this day of mobile computing, wi-fi, social media, TVs everywhere, we have an overload of information, decisions and stimulation, it can be hard to eliminate distractions. The key is to set some limits, tune out distractions and focus on what is important. Exploring your core values and setting goals can also be helpful.

WindStream Goes Hybrid

WindStream has created a unique hybrid system that combines PV solar with wind to create what they claim are the most energy dense renewable energy systems in the world. They’ve just completed the world’s largest hybrid system for Myers, Fletcher and Gordon in Jamaica. The system will generate about 106,000kWh of electricity annually and save 2 million dollars over its expected 25 year life. Their SolarMills® are modular, scalable, utilize a wide range of wind conditions, easy to install, and level out the intermittent nature of wind and solar. Win!

Spreading Kindness

This is an awesome example of kindness in action. These guys have done several wonderful projects. Enjoy!

Organic Teaching

I love this approach to teaching that introduces kids to living systems in nature so they learn first hand how the world fits and works interdependently. This might be one of the missing links in education. Children learn systems thinking that puts more value on all life, connections, holistic approaches and sustainability. They learn to look for hidden connections, unintended consequences and other more sustainable approaches that mimic living systems. Kudos to Lisa Bennett, Linda Booth Sweeney and other teachers of eco-literacy. I love the 5 core practices at the Center for Ecoliteracy.

What stories inspire you and why?

I’d love to hear your inspiring stories. Maybe you know a person or group that would make an Awesome Story to feature here in my blog series. If so, please comment below or contact me. Thanks! Brad


27 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 182

  1. Beautiful, inspiring post! some people really do the kindest things, and the man offering transport to children and families going to hospital is very moving, in a time people very often feel angry with the world (and understandably so). It helps so much to imagine a kinder world, when posts like yours share how much people do everyday. Thank you, Brad.


    • Hi Balroop, I made up the term “organic teaching”, but this article talks about teaching kids about living systems, and there is a whole new movement called eco-literacy which aims to learn from and mimic the holistic systems of nature. And you mentioned two types of teaching I’ve not heard about. It’s good to share our wisdom and resources. 🙂


  2. Emilio Nares took loss and transformed it into opportunity and giving back. A perfect example of living a life of greater meaning and significance, not only for himself but for many others. There are many Emilio’s out there; we just don’t always hear/read about them and focus on their small, yet significant contributions to humanity. Good article to highlight.


    • Thanks Eric. Good summary of Emilio’s story and why I like to share these stories as inspiration. Just like you offer tips and inspiration with your blog, coaching and radio show. Thanks for being a good role model. 🙂


  3. Again amazing stories thanks. Very keen to read about the teaching kids about living system. And of course that boogie was amazing!!


    • Thanks for reading and caring. I happen to think teaching our kids how to think and live more holistically as part of the natural world is the best thing we can do for the good of all. And some dancing for fun! 🙂


  4. The kids in the water remind me of the fountain at the Seattle Center.
    Kids of all ages relish jumping in and trying to hop out before they get drenched.
    Yours truly took on a dare not too long ago, as a matter of fact! heehee


  5. Brad I loved your selection of happy stories… I particularly like the one about Emilio Nares and his giving of transportation help.. Shows how if one gives back how it pays back not only you but many others as well..
    I Loved the Boogie Woogie too… My oh my could their feet dance. Loved the piano player too.. I am now going to take a look at the hybrid system in renewable energy… Thank you again..


    • Thanks Sue, I’m glad you had fun with my post. Maybe you’ll dust off your dancing shoes too. 🙂 Emilio and his kindness seem to have touched many people, both here and in his foundation. Have a nice day.


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