Awesome Stories 1.38

More Awesome Stories to inspire you.

Touch a Life

Watch this touching video about Mavis Ching and how she was inspired to help children in a simple, yet profound way. She started feeding local children meals, and now feeds about 150 kids a day, plus Saturday deliveries to their families. The real magic lies in the love and care that they share with the children. Enjoy the video or learn more about Touch a Life.

World’s Tallest Vertical Garden

One Central Park

One Central Park, Sydney Australia

Living walls and roofs are the latest rage in green building and city design. I love the idea, though do wonder what happens to the building structure over time. Peter Blanc is the living wall designer with over 30 years experience. The living walls will cover 50% of the building and climb 64 meters up the One Central Park Tower. Congrats to Sydney and the creators of this project set to be the worlds tallest vertical garden.

10 Island Renewable Challenge

Richard Branson and The Urgency Network are working to address climate change by helping 10 islands in the Carribean transition from fossil fuels to renewables like wind and solar energy. This project received $1 Million in funding. The Urgency Network has been created to bring attention to important issues, inspire help and taking action. Good deeds (actions) are rewarded with points and entry in a contest to win prizes. I’m not sure I see the need for the contest, but I’m glad that Richard Branson has turned his passion, creativity and resources towards helping to solve the world’s most important issues.

Fuel for Gratitude

Gratitude isn’t always easy, but Robert Emmons gives us some tips and tools to reframe our experiences in a way that support gratitude and a better life. It’s not really about a feeling, but a choice. I also like the part about not trying to erase the bad, but use it for perspective to help us appreciate contrast and growth.

Farm to Food to Fuel

bio-digester for RNG

Atlas Disposal Facility, Sacramento. photo by Andrea Stephenson

Sacramento has a new program to recycle food and organic waste to create Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). They claim to be the first city in the country to close the loop on local bio-waste. They’re collecting food and farm waste to “feed” bio-digesters waste matter to create RNG. The RNG will run city vehicles or create electricity. The mayor Kevin Johnson’s broader vision is to be energy and food independent. Being a productive agricultural region, they might pull it off. Go Sacramento!

Flow Batteries Aim High

Argonne National Laboratory just won a 3.4 million grant to develop a new “flow” battery based on liquid nanoelectrofuels electrodes rather than the typical solid electrodes. Could someone please explain that to me! They aim to create batteries that could fuel an EV for 500-1000 miles, refill in minutes and be safer to use. Wow! Target launch is 6-7 years.

Solar Panels as Countertops?

Funny comparison, but this article talks about solar panels becoming so popular in some markets that they are a standard upgrade for many home buyers and builders. California, in particular, leads the way with about 1 in 5 people wanting solar panels on their new home. It’s cheaper and easier to install solar panels during construction than adding later. Depending on your perspective, this is great for consumers and the environment, not so great for big utilities and the people who have to share their rising costs. Go solar!

VW Aims to be Top Electric Car Company

1 Millionth VW Beetle

One Millionth VW Beetle. Wikipedia

After being very slow to embrace hybrids and electric cars, VW has just announced plans to be the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles by 2018. Somehow this ambitious goal seems rather fitting coming from the maker of the VW bug. The first beetles date back to the 1930s, were mass produced in 1945 and took the US by storm in the 50s. I’ve owned and enjoyed VWs, so I’m rooting for them to meet their goals. Electric power to the people’s car!

What inspires you? Drop me a note!

2 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.38

  1. Interesting ways to frame gratitude! I believe that when one practices gratitude, intentionally, the ‘to each his own’ approach often strengthens the exercise. Personalizing the gratitude experience amplifies its significance and makes it easier for others to see and appreciate (IMO).

    A fan of and advocate for alternative energy, I periodically wonder if solar is just the source du jour… the latest fad. It’s costly and the ROI is considerable for individual homeowners. Still, kudos for people who choose to be environmentally aware and proactive! (Unsolicited, my favorite is harnessing wind). 🙂

    Always enjoy reading your nuggets, Brad. They’re valuable shares. Thanks!!


  2. Hi Eric, I like your idea of personalizing our gratitude practice. Truly, that has been the best approach for me with all advise. Use what works and resonates for me, change to fit me, or discard if they don’t fit at all.

    I might have agreed with your assessment of solar a couple of years ago, but now it seems to have reached a new level. I’ve read that solar energy has actually reached grid parity in a number of countries.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I liked your share on the medical tech innovations. Very interesting stuff!


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