Awesome Stories 1.33

This week Awesome Stories brings you kindness and compassion.

Change Heroes

Meet Taylor Conroy , a dynamic young man on a mission to help educate every child in the world. He founded a creative organization called Change Heroes with the goal of educating every child on earth. Change Heroes empowers regular folks to dramatically impact the lives of children in third world countries. By using their process to raise awareness and funds, you and 32 friends can build a school to educate 1000 children for 20 years for $10,000 total, about $300 per friend or 3.33 per day for 3 months. So far his model is on track to educate 1 million children!

Civita- West Park


A cute name to play off the Spanish diminutive for small. This new development in southern California aims to be more sustainable and people friendly with lots of park areas, energy efficient homes, walking & biking to retail shops, onsite solar, EV charging and more. Learn about San Diego’s cute new little eco village. Go Green with Civita!

I Have Nothing

Here’s a fun and inspiring singing performance on Australia’s Got Talent by young Jack Vidgen. He rocks the house with his version of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. Enjoy!

Role Reversal

This post really touched my heart. The author was inspired to stand at a freeway exit dressed as a homeless person. “…it was the kind of realization that, once it lands, looms at every synaptic pathway that one is trying to swerve around.” He poignantly describes the total displacement of his perspective and experience by standing at that exit ramp. Read his touching story of kindness and compassion.

Change the World

Change the world, one day at a time with simple love and kindness. Watch this inspiring video called Try to Change the World.

Solar Get’s Easier

Cities and states are starting to streamline or eliminate the permitting required for installing solar systems on homes. I know that I would like to install a system if the cost and process are feasible. Vermont is one of the most streamlined states with no fees or permit required, merely a 1 page application. I wonder about Arkansas? I guess I have some homework to do.

Kindness Comes Home!

Kindness Comes Home

Awesome treats. Thanks Kelly, Zach and Haley!

To wrap up this week, I’d like to give a giant thank you to Kelly Hale Zega for touching me with kindness in a very personal way. First of all, I love food and Kelly, along with her daughter Haley and Haley’s boyfriend Zach, delivered fresh baked goods from Little Bread Company to my home! Thanks Hannah for your generosity and delicious treats. What makes it even more amazing is that we didn’t really know each other in person, only as Facebook friends. I am so touched by this experience that I want to focus my Awesome Stories more on local and personal stories of inspiration, kindness, sustainability and love in action. Thanks Hannah and Kelly!

So if you know anyone who has touched you or the lives of people you know, please email me details and a link so that I can include your inspiring story in my blog. Thanks!

What inspires you? I’d love to hear your Awesome Stories!

blessings, Brad


2 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.33

  1. I don’t always have (take?) the time to read all your posts, but I devoured every bit of this one – when I SHOULD be out mowing my lawn! 😉 I was particularly moved by the Try To Change The World video and have re-shared it on FB so others can see it. Such a simple, beautiful message. Thank you!


    • Thanks Teresa. Im so glad that you enjoyed this one and appreciate you taking the time to read, comment and share. A trifecta of support! It’s time for me to get out and off the computer too. 🙂 To the fields we go.


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