Kindness Returns

The kindness keeps growing!

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I just found this awesome school called Puget Sound Community School, whose primary value and goal is kindness. First, they build a foundation of kindness and character for the children, then academics are layered on top. School director Andy Smallman  believes that people naturally want to build character and skills. So far, the experiment is working. Students and school are both thriving.

I’m enjoying the Kindness Challenge. So far I’ve paid for a random grocery item, sent 2 hand written letters, called a few friends and smiled at some strangers. Nothing earth shattering, but I feel great. Each small act brings me a burst of good feelings and well being. I can’t wait to receive my smile cards to start ‘tagging’ people randomly with a smile and request to pass some kindness along.

Slow down and enjoy life.  It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.  ~ Eddie Cantor

When was the last time that you slowed down to really savor your life?

I read this post by Rachel Macy Stafford who decided to stop telling her daughter to ‘hurry up.’ It’s a wonderful reminder of the beauty in allowing ourselves to savor life and the precious moments we have. She calls her daughter a ‘Noticer’, one who really sees the details and beauty in ordinary life. Periodically, I remember to slow down and notice more beauty in my life. How about you?

Happiness by Country

How happy are you? The UN has ranked countries by how happy it’s citizens are; measured from a broader level of life, not simply passing emotions. The purpose of the report is to help determine what can be done in terms of public policy if people are not happy. The northern European countries ranked the highest with Denmark at the top and the US barely makes the top 20, showing me that affluence clearly does not mean happiness. Kindness and choosing proactively have helped boost my happiness. What works for you?

Student Demonstrates for Kindness

Not as protest, but as a wonderful example of kindness in action. This young man celebrated his birthday in an unusual way. He spent the day offering 22 random acts of kindness to others. He inspires me to practice more random acts of kindness.

May we create more and more waves of kindness, nurturing all life on earth.

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4 thoughts on “Kindness Returns

  1. Love this thought! I think life is very much like a mirror. What you give, you will get back. If you simile at a mirror, you will receive a smile in return. If you say nice things and loving things, you’ll have it said to you. Just the opposite is true too. Thank you for a great post and good reminder.


  2. I’m liking this kindness/gratitude trail you’re traveling. It seems authentically you. Love the Puget Sound school concept. Who knew? I moved to NM from Seattle. Onward with your awareness creating, Brad. And thanks!


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