Awesome Stories 1.27

Let’s start this week’s Awesome Stories with my vow to you.

I vow to bring the most awesome stories that I can find each week to Inspire, Connect and help us Thrive Together.

Commit to Being Awesome

4 Times the Power, Less Risk.

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Labs have created a new process for batteries that could transform the battery market. Currently battery technology is limiting the uses for renewable energy due to high costs along with limited capacity and supply of lithium. Scientist Chengdu Liang has demonstrated a process that uses sulphur to dramatically increase energy density, reduce costs and increase safety. Now, the process needs to be developed for commercialization and scale production.

Up and Out! Let your Dreams Fly!

Watch this fun Disney Pixar remix called Pogo-Upular to add a little boost to your day.

Regionally, 3 New Buildings in Little Rock, Arkansas Achieved LEED Status!

Little Rock has stepped up it’s commitment to sustainability. All new and renovated city buildings over 5000 sq. ft. must be LEED certified. The newly renovated campus of the North Little Rock Electric Department is the first to be certified under the new program. The are expecting lower energy use and costs, lower water use, higher employee comfort and productivity, and environmental leadership. Go Little Rock!

Do you Want More Joy?

According to Dr. Brene Brown & her extensive research, if we want more joy, then we must do 2 things. Practice gratitude and be willing to be vulnerable. From my experience, I would agree with both wholeheartedly! Watch her video from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. If you want to master gratitude, here are some more tips on gratitude and the art of life.

Renewable Energy is Hot!

Predictions are for renewable energy to surpass nuclear and gas by 2016, According to a new report by the International Energy Agency. The growth is led by India and China, who are turning to renewables as a better way to meet their growing population and surging energy needs. In many countries like Brazil, Turkey and New Zealand, renewables are starting to be on par with the cost of traditional fossil fuels. Go renewables!

Beautiful Messes!

beautiful messes

photo by Heidi Drexler, a lifestyle photographer

I must admit that I still belong to the clean and fussy club. Maybe that’s because I haven’t had kids or maybe that’s why I’m still single! Either way, I can appreciate the wisdom and humor in this wonderful post about messes and the opportunities for delight, creativity and curiosity. Enjoy this post by Amy George Rush.

Go Philippines!

The Philippines are planning to be generating 100% of it’s energy from renewables within 10 years. With the help of The Worldwatch Institute, the government is creating a sustainable plan for energy, the economy and climate called a Sustainable Energy Roadmap. Awesome!

Are you remembering to celebrate being alive?

Wrapping up the week, enjoy a celebration of life with Michael Franti and Spearhead’s video I’m Alive!


What do you think of the new theme and colors? I’d love to hear from you!

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