Freedom as Responsibility

Happy Independence Day!

Here’s a previous post I wrote on freedom. It seems to me we’ve lost our way from true freedom. I think nationalism can be part of what divides us and creates so much conflict in the world. I’d love to know what freedom means to you.

To freedom, love and conscious choice.

writing to freedom

What does the word freedom mean to you? And does freedom come with responsibilities to others?

For me, freedom comes with responsibility.

Freedom means the right to think, speak, and live my truth while doing no harm.

I believe that our rights must be integrated with the rights of others as well as the responsibility to live as part of a greater whole. For me, that means living as a conscious citizen of my town, in one state of 50, in one country of  196, on one planet in one small solar system among the vast known universe.

I find this larger perspective helps me from getting too self-absorbed. As a former teacher once told us, “everything is important, yet nothing really matters in the long run”.

Alan Seal has this view on freedom and independence. ” I invite you to consider a different kind of independence this…

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