Awesome Stories 1.26

To start this week’s Awesome Stories, let’s explore a medical breakthrough.

We’ll visit Emma in the hospital for an amazing event!

She was treated for leukemia with a radical new approach using the HIV virus. If your child was dying of cancer and near death, what would you be willing to do? Watch this video to be inspired and learn more about this breakthrough for Emma and other cancer patients. Awesome!

Go Woodfree with Woody!

Step Forward Paper

Woody goes green with straw!

Woody Harrelson goes “wood free” with his new paper products and company called Step Forward Paper. His paper is currently made from 80% wheat straw. Kudos to Woody for putting the spotlight on the wasteful practice of using trees for paper (about half of the 3-6 Billion trees cut down each year go to make paper).

How about some awesome dance to get your blood pumping!

If you’re a dance fan like me, this performance will add a nice energy boost to your day (or night). Dance your way to joy with the top 10 boys!

Hemp is an awesome plant!

hemp house

First permitted hemp house in the US

Hemp has many great uses and benefits, one of which is as a home building material. Hemp Technologies builds homes and promotes the use of hemp and other sustainable building practices. Way to go. Maybe it’s time to relax about hemp and take advantage of it’s many benefits.

Now that you’re motivated, let’s get you moving toward your dreams and goals.

Here are 51 success quotes to inspire you to awesomeness. I think # 9 is my favorite, but there are so many great ones it’s hard to pick. Thanks Zeenat!

Let’s visit the US city with the boldest electric car plan.

Los Angeles? New York City? Portland? All good guesses with their own bold plans for renewables and public transportation, but the winner is Indianapolis! They have decided to provide 500  electric vehicles for a car sharing program modeled after a Paris program. The idea is to attract talent and business, and provide a viable program for people who are choosing to live without a car. Partner Bollore will supply the charges and Energy Systems Network will instal 1200 level 2 charging stations which provide a 10-20 mile range for every hour of charging. Way to go Indianapolis!

Talk about odd couples!

Check out this video about Bella and Tarra. We might have something to learn about friendship and acceptance from these two. Enjoy!

Want to drive for virtually nothing?

Electric vehicles have become very competitive in 2013. Some states like Georgia are offering state income tax rebates of $5000, along with the Federal tax credit of $7500, plus lowered sales and lease prices. All of a sudden electric vehicles are extremely attractive to own and operate, and are flying off the dealer lots. I’ve been itching to buy an electric car. Maybe Arkansas will offer an incentive and I’l go electric!

This story really grabbed my mind and heart.

I love that Tara combines up-cycling, care and art to make her adorable Teddy Bears. She “rescues” teddy bears from thrift stores and other places people have abandoned stuffed animals. Then she cleans, re-purposes and adds artistic touches to create one-of-a-kind teddy bears for new kids to love. Watch this video to be inspired!

What inspires you? What story touched your heart? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.26

  1. Happy Sunday Awesome Brad,

    Okay, so I thoroughly enjoyed the sand dancers, found the quotes most inspiring, the teddy bear rescue operation brilliant…But the story that made tears prickle in the corners of my eyes was sweet Bella & Tarra!! So amazing and eye-opening in such an obvious way. Of course we ALL share the same hearts — no matter how different we may appear. We just have to remember…Loved! Thank you! 🙂


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