Starry Nights


When was the last time you felt awe?Starry Nights, poetry, awe

Last night’s lunar eclipse got me out of my comfortable routines to watch the night sky at 2 AM, and I’m not complaining! I was reminded of the vast beauty and mystery of the universe. When I reach that holy ground called awe, I feel an awakening of some primal feeling; a mix of amazement, wonder and even overwhelm. A smallness in the vast cosmic dance of life.

I wish I knew how to routinely awaken to awe.

It’s like a magic and mysterious elixir that I want the recipe for. Is it surrender? Is it stillness? Is it quieting my mind? It’s probably grace that I can’t force!

This special feeling that breaks me open, stills my mind and transcends the ordinary experience of life. Sometimes star gazing is my portal to awe. Last night it was watching the lunar eclipse aka blood moon. Awe becomes a direct experience of the divine without the mental filters. Pure being reflecting life’s beauty and ultimate mystery.

There are in life a few moments so beautiful, that even words are a sort of profanity.~ Diana Palmer

Starry Nights

millions of tiny dots sparkling in the sky

like lightning bugs in harmonic convergence

calling out from time and space beyond my reach

too vast to contain or explain in my little mind

dancing in the sky to remind me the wonders of creation

birth and death repeating the eternal circle of life

giant collections of star dust coming and going

painting the heavens in mystery and awe


Image source; National Geographic, Messier 81 galaxy.



19 thoughts on “Starry Nights

  1. I recently felt awe twice in a week: Awe #1- April 9, looking outside watching the planet Mars rise in the east; Awe #2-last night watching the blood moon and the stars and planets surrounding it. I had to drive 20 minutes from my place to be in a place dark enough to fully appreciate the eclipse. It made me feel very happy, peaceful, and amazed to be a speck in the solar system. 🙂


  2. Love this post! Awe. What a blessing. I was in awe of it the eclipse as well! The moon always has a quieting and peaceful effect on me that brings out immense appreciation somehow. The eclipse response I felt was hard to put into words (I was speechless). I like your words. This post is a nice reminder to set the intention to awaken to awe more often. Lovely! Thanks Brad!


  3. Beautiful, Brad. I love the opening paragraph, the message and the expression. Any updates on work?

    You might want to move the apostrophe:

    “probably grace that I cant’ force!”

    Really a minor point. Please delete this part of the comment.



  4. This is such a natural expression of the awe we experience each day. Awe is right there, in the awareness and appreciation of life. Your words are beautiful, Brad. Thank you.


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  6. Brad this was indeed a poem to Awe…. I loved the lines dancing in the sky to remind me the wonders of creation -birth and death repeating the eternal circle of life…

    Star gazing often opens up my own mind to that Awesome infinite world of endless eternally .. And as you said “too vast to contain or explain in my little mind”….. It is so mind boggling..


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