Solar Awe

Solar Awe

solar eclipse, poetry,

These photos from NASA and local photographer Stephen Ironside inspire more awe than my direct experience of the eclipse last week. So here is my tribute to the beauty, awe, and mystery of life with a trio of poems. Which is your favorite poem and why?


coronas shine out

Solar Awe, poetry

NASA photo of the eclipse from the atmosphere

Baily’s Beads bending the light

nature’s beauty awes


radiant light

moon dancing

surfaces bending light

Baily’s Beads beaming

beauty and awe abound


moon shadows proceeding

Baily’s Beads bending

solar mysteries abound

coronas, shadows, crescents

light transcending dark


I am most grateful to nature for her boundless beauty. As fellow blogger Annette wrote this week, nature can inspire us with her beauty, bringing us together to appreciate and share in her beauty. At these intersections between nature and humans, may we find the common good to create a better world for all.


42 thoughts on “Solar Awe

  1. I like the last one best, Brad…though I love them all! Something about the rhythm…and mystery 😉 The photos are incredible! I have friend who went to Oregon…she sent me a photo similar to the first one above and I will ask her if I can use it!
    Hope you are well. Make it a great day ❤

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  2. Now THOSE are some awesome eclipse shots! Interestingly though, I like the eclipse shot in my mind from seeing it with my own eyes better. I like your second poem the best. I like the idea of the moon dancing. 🙂

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