Blood Red Beauty

Blood Red BeautyBlood Moon- Blood Red Beauty, poetry

softly glowing red moon

you make my heart swoon

what is this strange robe

that I see upon your globe

filling the starry night

with wondrous light

traces of past glories

volcano, dust and fire stories

forming the earth’s red rim

filtering the sun’s blue trim *

quieting my busy mind

a respite from the daily grind

you rupture the night

in glorious red light



Image source; Mt. Lemmon Skycenter,,

* The blood red color we see on the moon is filtered and reflected light from the sun passing through the earth’s atmosphere. Our atmosphere acts like a filter, removing most of the blue light, while leaving the red and orange light to grace the moon’s surface. With no atmosphere, the moon would be totally dark while in the shadow of the earth. So it’s actually our atmospheric pollution that creates the color!


8 thoughts on “Blood Red Beauty

  1. Wow, love this! You write such beautiful poetry. The were some lovely energies during the full moon. I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in August during the full moon. Can’t wait now 🙂 Blessings, Lisa


  2. Thank you Lisa. I’ve been very enjoying opening up my poetic side, sharing my passion and soul. Your trip sounds wonderful. A night hike might be fun, I’ve done that during full moons, the soft light is very peaceful and enough to illuminate the paths without flashlights. Enjoy! XD


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