The Kindness Challenge

This week I focus on kindness and the power to uplift others.

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. ~ Scott Adams

Smile Card

Smile Cards and photo from KindSpring

There is a new story emerging based on interconnection.

This new story is emerging in science, religion, work and daily life. We are learning just how connected the world really is. This empowers individuals with the understanding that small acts of kindness can change the world. Each person who steps up with kindness, courage, compassion and service to a larger whole helps spread this growing story of connection. How beautiful when we act from conscious connection with the intent to uplift all, not just ourselves. Watch this uplifting video from Sustainable Man and Charles Eisenstein.

KindSpring is an organization that helps promote random acts of kindness. I love how simple acts of kindness can dramatically change the lives of both giver and receiver. This post tells about how the author, Geoff Nedry, was inspired to help a woman, just starting her journey to detox from alcohol, with a care package. Greatly touched,, she wrote to him about the impact it made, and in turn, cemented his commitment to practicing kindness. Now his daughter has joined the kindness team! This is the beauty and power of practicing kindness. You might be inspired to “tag’ someone with kindness, join the kindness challenge or perform your own acts of kindness.

5 More Reasons to Practice Kindness

The Daily Good posted this article recently on 5 reasons to be kind with beautiful reflections on kindness from leaders like Howard Zinn and the Dail Lama. Most of us have experience with the awesome feeling we get when we help someone. Especially when we do it anonymously or randomly, motivated from our heart’s desire to connect with others. When we learn to live from this space of service, our lives will change dramatically.

Kindness ChallengeKindSpring

I’ve joined the 21 day kindness challenge and invite you to do the same. Read more about this simple and powerful way to spread kindness. Wouldn’t it be great to help spread more kindness, open our hearts to compassion, magnify our connection, and touch others to join in creating a better world for all.

Compassion Games

Locally and nationally, folks have created another way to play with kindness. “The Compassion Games are designed to make our communities safer, kinder, more just, and better places to live.” They are creating teams to practice compassion and kindness together, competing against other teams to spread more kindness. Each team will ‘play’ with commitment, action, reporting and celebrating. This is a creative way to practice kindness.

For my slant on kindness, here’s a playful post called Finding Little Joys in Kindness.

Please join me in taking action for peace, kindness and a better world for all.


9 thoughts on “The Kindness Challenge

  1. Nice sleuthing, Brad. This is good stuff! I especially like the Sustainable Man video. I might have to “borrow” it for use in a future post. So much of what the narrator speaks about are topics that are near and dear to me and my work. Appreciate your sharing all of this with us.


    • Wonderful Eric, Now I can list a new skill on LinkedIn; Sleuthing! The video is a nice recap of my personal journey for the last 20 years. And still, actually living from kindness, compassion and oneness is a stretch. So the journey continues. Thanks Eric.


    • Thanks Zeenat, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and share your kind words. Feel free to share the resources, join the kindness challenge and share the ideas. To more kindness and peace in the world! brad


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