Growing Gratitude for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

For November, I’ve been growing gratitude to celebrate Thanksgiving.Growing Gratitude For Thanksgiving

Practicing gratitude is a great way to open our minds and hearts to the blessings in our lives. #gr8ful #musebrad 

I am most grateful for my growing connections with readers and other bloggers. I appreciate everyone who takes time in their busy life to read, like, comment and share my posts. You mean a lot to me. It’s been two wonderful years of blogging filled with joy, gratitude, pain and challenge, just like life. Thank you Zeenat, Eric, Skye, Carol, Sharon, Balroop, Christi, Paula, Leslie, Denise, Kaligrafi, Diana, Luca, Esther, Shannon, and many more that I have not named. Your love and support inspires me to keep writing. Thanks!!!

This month I’ve been sharing in two gratitude challenges, one organized by Kindspring and a local group sharing on Facebook. I had signed up to participate in 2 organized gratitude challenges, but realized I didn’t have the time to connect with both communities. So as I’m learning to be more gentle with myself, I decided it was OK to drop one of the programs. I continued on with the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge with Kingspring. I like how they sent a daily email with a suggestion for practicing gratitude and a story to both inspire and give you a launching point for gratitude.

Watch this video to celebrate gratitude: Grateful: A Love Song To The World.

Writing about gratitude everyday can change our mental patterns by training the mind to look for good. I’ve also noticed that I feel better when I spend time to experience gratitude beyond simply writing about it. Much like affirmations and goals, when we combine mental focus with emotion or passion, they have more power.

Sharing my gratitude on Facebook with friends was the best part of this month. Somehow it seemed more real along with a sense of accountability by sharing publicly with my friends online. The Kindspring emails were my inspiration to share my gratitude story on Facebook. Although not as consistent as I prefer, I gave myself permission to miss postings. As a recovering perfectionist, this is a fairly big deal. 🙂

I’m learning to celebrate progress, realizing that the process is often more important than the results. As coach and fellow blogger Eric Tonningsen reminded me, I’m being kinder and more compassionate towards myself. And that feels great!

If you want more inspiration for growing gratitude, here’s a touching story about gratitude and a father’s gift to his daughter.

Thanks for being part of my blog. Sending you gratitude and blessings for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!                                                                                                                                                         Brad


21 thoughts on “Growing Gratitude for Thanksgiving

  1. Beautiful! Everything about it… your words, the photo, the video, the core message of being grateful. You continue to inspire and encourage people with what you choose to share, Brad. You need not thank us, your passionate readers/followers as we ought to be thanking you! You are on a wonder filled journey and we’re alongside to lift you up and celebrate your experiences. Our gratitude, considerably, is for you and your powerful spirit to be and be in service to others. This post is especially warming and I appreciate your thoughtful reference. On the eve of a holiday, I am Giving Thanks for you. Big hug, my friend.


  2. Wow! Thanks Eric. I feel blessed to receive your amazingly kind and supportive comments. I like the idea of a community that celebrates and lifts each other up. Here’s to creating online community. I appreciate you and joyfully receive your compliments, support and hugs! Happy Thanksgiving Eric.


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  5. Hi Brad, I like the phrase ‘practicing gratitude’ and I can see you are doing it so well!! Thanks a TON for including me in the bloggers you want to express your gratitude to. I am just 4 months old blogger and am very grateful for the way the blogger community has accepted me. THANKS for being so nice.

    This post is dripping with warmth, sincerity and inspiration…it goes straight to my heart. Your success (may you thrive more) in blogosphere encourages me a lot.

    Wishing you Happy Thanksgiving.


    • Hi Balroop. Yes, it’s still a practice for me and I’m progressing. I appreciate you and your continued support of me and my blog. Your sincerity and kindness shine through your comments. I’m delighted that my words touch you. Wishing you continued growth in your blog. Happy Thanksgiving. Brad


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  9. It’s always nice to get feedback on the hard work we put in, Brad.
    I love that you are noticing a difference in yourself, too, from practicing gratitude.
    Thank you for including me on your list, that is so sweet 😉
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…


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  12. Dear Brad,
    There is a beautiful sincerity and radiance which glow from your very words – so bright and so powerful that I pause and find myself sitting in silence for a very long time after. For you write from such a deep place and all your good intentions are ablaze from miles away. I am renewed and deeply touched by your hopes and deepest desire to touch lives and make a difference. Happy Thanksgiving every single day! Sharon


  13. A big giant thank you Sharon. Your words in turn touched me deeply. I am delighted that my words can touch you and inspire you to BE more. Your words and kindness have given me a wonderful boost and acknowledgment to start my day. I am truly grateful for you. I love your idea for Happy Thanksgiving every day! Brad


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