Awesome Stories 1.36

An Awesome week for solar and electric vehicles.

Solar Shines Brightly

solar panels

CA solar panels. source: The 9 Billion

Solar generated energy is exploding around the world. Total every generated from solar grew from 50 to 100 Gigawatts (GW) in just 2.5 years. The projects are for it to double again to 200 GW by 2015. That’s pretty amazing and awesome! In many areas, the cost of solar generated energy is on par with grid generated energy, even without incentives. Solar chips and panels have dropped dramatically in price by 60% -80% over the last few years. Meanwhile the whole industry is becoming a bright spot for sustainable, economic growth.

Both Italy and Germany had record breaking solar energy produced in July. Go solar!

Give Peace a Chance!

A Chicago school has greatly improved their student’s performance with a reversal of the traditional punishment based system. Their school was a mess with high crime, low grades and low graduation. With this new program based on restorative justice, peer reviews and compassionate communication, they have dramatically reduced the violence by 80%, while improving student grades and graduation. Watch this video on how peace has empowered the students and school. In a similar program, New Orleans schools are using a program called Rethink to empower students with a voice in their own solutions. Give peace a chance!

EVs Growing Greener

According to the latest studies, EVs really are better for the environment, including to manufacture, drive and re-charge. There have been many arguments about the impact of source electricity to run EVs, the extra manufacturing, the rare elements used and more. They are all addressed in the this well researched article. Learn how EVs really are getting better and cheaper while helping the environment.

Wendell Berry wins Peace Award

Wendell Berry was the first environmental activist and writer who really touched my heart and inspired me to want to live more in harmony with nature. His soulful writing has touched me and countless others. I’m delighted to learn that he has been awarded the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. The award is based on his contribution to peace by inspiring others to live in harmony with nature.

ELF Puts a Happy Face on Transportation

ELF test ride

Sami’s test drive. Photo: Rob Cotter/Organic Transit

The Organic Transit company based in Durham, NC has created a fun alternative personal transportation vehicle. The call them ELFs and already had a successful kickstarter funding campaign, created a lot of buzz, started production, sold 100 units, and are working out distribution and multiple deals for production. Here’s a great overview of the company and vehicles. I could see it for around town errands in spring and fall, but I don’t see it as a car replacement.

SolarCity is Changing the Solar Game

SolarCity just bought Paramount Solar for 120 Million dollars. What’s most interesting about the purchase is the broad customer reach this will give them. No doubt this will help SolarCity reach their goal to bring affordable solar to a million customers in California. The bigger story is that this expansion of consumer based solar systems really is a quantum shift in energy production away from mass, utility owned production to individual generated, broadly distributed energy production. Power to the people!

7 Billion Others

7 Billion Others is an beautiful project to spread global understanding and connection by simply giving voice to anyone who wants to upload a video clip. Here’s a touching video about the project. Will you add your voice to the global conversation for peace and understanding among our world wide family?

Awesome School

Check out this amazing school in San Diego called e3 Civic High. It was built on the 6th and 7th floors of the new San Diego downtown library and is leading edge in many ways. Collaboration is a key element in the design and function. Students collaborating with teachers and local businesses. They will learn real world skills at internships with local businesses nearby to integrate with the academic skills.

What’s wonderful in your life?

Even if it’s simply watching a sunset or a child play, we are blessed by life. Are you paying attention?

2 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.36

  1. Brad ~

    Glad to re-subscribe to your posts, et. al. You’re an ace journalist of sorts as well.

    Are you a published author too ? Also, I’d be interested to introduce you to my good friend Harry Thomas. He just published his first book on the historical relationship between spirituality with science. He’s a quiet inspired type, and lives in Terra Studios compound in Elkins.

    ~ Brian


    • Hi Brian, Welcome back! Yes, these Awesome Stories have more of a news reporting slant, but with an inspirational twist. I’d be glad to meet another writer, I’m not published, unless you count all my biz blogs and reports for Blue Zoo. be well, Brad


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