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Smiles from Walking in Spirit

photo source; Walking in Spirit on Facebook.

Do you have what it takes to be a great leader?

According to Jane Harper, it takes “humbitious”, a unique blend of humbleness and ambition, leaders to create innovation and creativity. She sites IBM research stating “We notice that by far the lion’s share of world-changing luminaries are humble people. They focus on the work, not themselves….” The article talks about various people and companies that are growing and innovating by using new forms of leadership to draw the best out of their teams.

300 GW and still blowing

Wind generated power will reach 300 Gigawatts worldwide in 2013! That’s enough wind power to replace 114 nuclear power plants. Not that I’m against nuclear. As I’ve written previously, the latest versions of nuclear called fast reactors are far cheaper, safer and burn nuclear waste making them a big win in my book and many other environmentalists. Back to the wind, Europe is the biggest wind energy producer by far with 100 GW, but many other companies and countries are in the game. Check out these 13 innovations that could radically improve wind energy generation.

Even the navy is working hard to be more sustainable.

They recently announced plans to support four biofuel projects with a new round of $18 million in funds. The switchgrass process from Cobalt is one of the four projects. National Renewable Energy Laboratory  (NREL) projects the switchgrass to cause 95 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional jet fuel production. The potential benefits are reduced dependence on foreign oil and reduced emissions, while boosting the US agriculture and economy. I would rather see our military greatly reduced or eliminated, but I’m delighted by how strongly the Department of Defense is promoting alternative energy and sustainability.

Awesome talk by Brene Brown on love.

Stop trying to be perfect. This reminds me of the joke, “I used to be conceited, but now I’m perfect!” Learn to love and laugh with Brene. Heal the shame and fear (we all have it). As we allow ourselves to feel vulnerable and worthy, love and gratitude will grow. Courage is the ability to be vulnerable, compassionate (kind) and connected as a result of authenticity. Our willingness to be imperfect, vulnerable and real. I am worthy and so are you. Blessings, Brad.

The desert as oasis?

The College in the Desert, Palm Springs, CA is being planned to be one of the most energy efficient campuses in the country. The campus will be a demonstration of many sustainable practices for the desert, with the end goal to achieve both LEED silver and net-zero plus. Net-zero plus means they will generate more energy than they use. They are planning a 60 acre solar farm in conjunction with Southern California Edison. Education by example. I like!

Solar is preparing for space!

If the National Space Society (NSS) succeeds, there will be a massive program to develop solar power in space. NSS is getting ready to pitch their ambitious plan to the G8 nations. Their ambitious plan could stimulate solar, green jobs and the world economy on a whole new level. Read about this awesome plan for space based solar power.

What’s next? Fairy dust powering magic wands? Bring the Awesome!

What’s Awesome in your life? Please share in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.25

  1. Brad, I just finished watching Brene’s amazing talk and scribbling notes, manically. Again, I thank you for finding/sharing such brilliant material. I think you’re simply AWESOME!!


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