Awesome Stories 268

This week Awesome Stories brings you aquaponics, solar energy, restorative justice, self-love and conversations with pain.

Aquaponicsaquaponics, Awesome Stories

I love this idea for synergistic growing of fish and plants. Aquaponics is emerging as a great way to grow crops more efficiently. The fish poop provides nutrients for the plants which are grown in the water. The closed loop system reduces the need for fertilizers, water, soil and work. Here is a good article on aquaponics for fish farming. Has anyone in our community tried this? If so, do you have any tips or feedback?

Solar Success

The latest research from NREL (National Energy Renewal Lab) shows that solar installations on small buildings in the US could provide about 40% of our electricity needs. The potential for rooftop solar photovoltaic systems in the US is around 1,118 gigawatts (GW) of capacity, and 1,432 terawatt-hours (TWh) of annual generation. The numbers keep going up as solar efficiency increases and costs go down. And the 40% doesn’t even include land-based solar installations. Go solar!

Conversations with Painpain, compassion, Awesome Stories

This is a great interview with Brene Brown on listening to pain. In it, she discusses her views on shame, vulnerability and ways to create more connection. I’m sensing a need for better, deeper connections in my life. I love Brene’s reminder that facing our difficult feelings with compassion, vulnerability and curiosity are often the gateways to connection, joy and richer lives. Have any of you read her latest book, Rising Strong? I’ve enjoyed her other books and TED Talks. I agree that we can enrich our lives with open, honest conversations about both our pain and our beauty. Let’s Rise and Shine!

A Better Justice System

This TED Talk by Adam Foss is filled with passion and purpose. I love his personal story of passion for helping others get their life on track. Whereas our current justice system is mostly focused on punishment, spending billions of dollars a year to imprison people, many for very minor crimes. Like Adam, I share a vision of justice based more on restoration that helps people gain the skills and resources to be productive members of society.

Love and Weight Loss

I was very touched by this post. Lisa offers a very personal, vulnerable and honest look inside her challenges with weight. For years, she struggled with her weight and self-image. Even after losing the weight, she realized the hard part was loving herself, before and after, and not measuring her worth by her body. More and more, I’m realizing how many of our challenges come back to our feelings and relationship with ourselves. Self-love is a door to the kingdom of peace and contentment.

May we be kind and compassionate with ourselves and each other.





22 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 268

  1. A very uplifting and resourceful set of stories, Brad. I just shared the one about restorative justice on my own timeline. Compassion and restoration versus vengeance and punishment: I hope it catches on. Some Indigenous people in Canada have been working in this way for a long time.

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  2. Oh I have seen a programme upon Aquaponics before and it was fascinating for sure..

    We also have just had a massive solar energy installation in some fields not far away.. I am all for any thing other than Nuclear. Awsome stories again Brad..
    Enjoy your weekend my friend

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  3. Love your list – as always! Hope you’re doing well. You know, in this world where we all yearn for more connection and compassion, I’m very glad to know you and have our blogosphere connection. πŸ™‚

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    • Wow Cynthia. Your kind words touched my soul. Sometimes this community and venue feel very connecting. Other times, I yearn for more in person connecting. Thanks for adding to my day and life. blessings, Brad


  4. Liked the article on aquaponics…ironically enough, we were at the Biosphere 2 this weekend and one of the areas they are testing is aquaponics…fascinating and for the scientists studying it there, very successful!

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  5. I love TED Talks in general. I’m addicted to them. Hehe. Hope you’ve been well, sweet friend! Happy Monday. I also love the aquaponics idea! I can totally see my husby getting into this. Though getting it all set up at first might be a little daunting, haha. And the conversations with pain piece – so fascinating! Thanks as always for sharing awesome stuff!

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