More Gratitude to Open Your Heart

Gratitude is a great way to open your mind and heart.

21 Day Gratitude Challenge

image from Mentors Channel


When the heart fills up with gratitude it ultimately spills over and flows into the world in the form of kindness, empathy, generosity and compassion. ~ KindSpring

Gratitude is one of my core spiritual practices, along with the commitment to look for good in the world. They train my mind to look for good and help open my mind and heart to a richer, fuller experience.

I’ve written about gratitude many times. It’s become my daily manna to refresh and remind me of the beauty in the world, even when I’m not feeling or seeing it. Sometimes the key is simply the willingness to look for good or something to appreciate in our lives.

My blog series about Awesome Stories is one of the ways that I practice my gratitude. Looking for and sharing inspiring stories uplifts me and helps me be grateful for the wonderful things people are doing around the world.

Finding, photographing and sharing beauty are other ways that I feel joy and gratitude. Beauty stirs me at my core, opens my heart, and triggers feelings of gratitude for the amazing gifts from nature like the beautiful flower above.

I’ve also used other gratitude practices like journaling, emailing friends and posting on social media. For November, I’m joining the Mentor Channel along with Louis Scwartzberg to create a collective focus on gratitude around the globe. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with a global push to promote gratitude. Wonderful.

I previously participated in the Kindness Challenge by KindSpring. It was a heart opening process for me, experiencing the simple joy from small acts of kindness. Their kindness campaign was so successful, they’ve started one for gratitude. Their 21-Day Gratitude Challenge will kick off on Nov 7th and culminate cleverly on Thanksgiving Day!

Interestingly, there’s another gratitude program starting on November 4th called 21 Days of Gratitude. It’s connected to Louis Swartzberg, whose beautiful video I included in my post called Open Your Heart to Gratitude. I’ve decided to join both gratitude programs.

I would be delighted if you joined me in one or both of these programs. Let’s make waves of gratitude around the world!

Blessings, Brad


14 thoughts on “More Gratitude to Open Your Heart

  1. I just got to meet my new grandfurbaby and was touched by how much simple, innocent joy a new puppy is for a family. Not quite the same as a human baby, but she will do for now. I’m so excited that I’ll get to puppysit in a couple of weeks when they go away for the weekend. Do I have to follow all the rules or get to be the grammie who spoils her? 😉


    • I volunteer at the shelter, which is either gratifying or heartbreaking, depending on the day. Some days I can’t wait to get away from the barking and some I wish I could take every one (or one special one) home with me. It would be irresponsible for me to adopt a pet right now, so this takes it to the next level, as I get to build an ongoing, loving relationship with her. Like you said, sometimes it’s the silly little simple joys…


  2. Progress and the word ‘progression’ suggest movement as though in cycles or rhythms, and for that matter in terms of spin ~ hence to be absorbed in a progression is let it flow or spin through you with awareness as to how consciousness is organizing your experience ~


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