Awesome Stories 304

This week Awesome Stories brings you the Venus Project, compassion, Random Acts of Flowers, and healing our democracy.

The Venus ProjectThe Venus Project, Awesome Stories

The Venue Project is a bold project to redesign the culture of our world in a sustainable way that elevates the quality of life for humans while protecting the planet. The cornerstone of this dramatic shift is to make our planetary resources the common heritage of all people to be shared equally. Then apply technology in a positive way for the greatest benefit to people and planet. Jacque Fresco’s plan won an award for City Design & Community from the NOVUS summit in conjunction with the United Nations. He has also created a model village in Venus Florida as a testing grounds. Jacque believes that money has created an artificial stratification of people and culture that contributes to most of the world’s problems. I agree and would love to see money replaced by a resource based economy that benefits all people equally. What do you think about a resource economy and Jacque’s plan?

Be Kind to Yourself

This article shows the many benefits of being kind to yourself. What I really like is the idea that compassion is more important than attitude or self-esteem. Our pop culture puts too much emphasis on positive thinking, when in reality, compassion is more important to our long-term health and happiness. “People who are higher in self-compassion show greater emotional stability, are more resilient, have a more optimistic perspective, and report greater life satisfaction.” Compassion helps us deal with the challenges of life, including aging and disease. And the best news; compassion is a teachable skill.  🙂

Flower Power!

Larsen Jay learned about the healing power of flowers firsthand. While recovering in the hospital from a traumatic fall, he was overwhelmed with support and flowers. Larsen realized that many people didn’t have flowers or support so he had the idea to start sharing the flowers. This experience led him to start Random Acts of Flowers where extra flowers are collected and repurposed (from weddings, memorials, events and more) to people in need. In addition to the flowers, patients receive support from the volunteers. They now deliver about 7,000 bouquets a month and are expanding to cities around the country. I would love to deliver flowers and kindness. Maybe I’ll explore how to start this here. 🙂

Healing Our Democracy

I love this article and much of the teaching from Parker Palmer. In this article, he makes the case that our democracy needs more looking within, not looking to politicians and systems to heal our country. By looking within and getting in touch with our hearts, we find ways to integrate the inner and outer, laying the groundwork to reach out to others in compassion. Specifically, Parker offers five habits for healing our democracy including unity consciousness, valuing others, embracing paradox, personal agency, and community.

May your week be filled with flowers, compassion, healing, and innovation. 



31 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 304

  1. Once again thank you for a very interesting post. The Venus Project sounds fantastic….something we all need. Your second segment about showing compassion and being kind to ourselves is such an important message….In this time of frenetic running around – everything technically charged, we sometimes forget that pure and simple common sense, compassion can do so much good….and flowers always bring joy to the soul. There is much healing needed throughout the world….it falls in line with compassion….compassion for ourselves and for others. I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend…janet:)

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  2. You really got me thinking with the last awesome story (though they’re all awesome), “healing our democracy.” We obviously need healing and it made me think of “another genre”: The Khan Academy. The Khan Academy is and has changed the face of education because of its innovation and coming into “the system” using a sideways approach: the videos and information completely sidestep the system and allow users to learn on their own at their own pace, according to what they need/want.
    I heard a podcast a few weeks ago that said that ideas like the Khan Academy are what are going to change us in a different direction. They work AROUND the system and not within it.
    I think this will apply to our democracy. Voices on either side of the aisle are going to just stay there. They’re working within the system. But, finding a way to skirt the system and be a completely different, innovative voice is what’s going to change us. Perhaps it IS just a citizen coming in from the sideline somewhere and sideswiping the system such that all the polarized voices then see different reasoning and truly open their hearts to experience healing. Hmm…I like it…good food for thought.

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    • The Khan Academy and working around the system sounds good. Now, I’m intrigued and want to learn more about them. 🙂 And Dr. Morter talks about all systems representing what we aren’t yet responsible for internally and when we start living from unity within, then we don’t see things in duality. In fact, her perspective is that our purpose is to find the unity within all duality.


  3. Beautiful! The woman who visualized the happy people who received the flowers 🌺 was my hero this morning.

    Also what you said here, “Our pop culture puts too much emphasis on positive thinking, when in reality, compassion is more important to our long-term health and happiness.” I really agree with, and this is also such a good reminder. I think it’s hopeful to be aware of compassion and self-compassion. Thank you Brad

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  4. I have saved the Venue Project in my browser Brad to view later.. I clicked on the link and was wowed by the image.. For this is something similar to what I have seen in dream state.. Circular buildings with solar panels.. Self sufficiency will come.. So I look forward to reading in full later in the week..
    I am rushing right now as my eyes close.. But loved the flower video,, Flowers give of their lives every day to cheer someone up and come to GIVE us happiness in their colours and fragrances.. A delight to see that lady smile.. We could all learn to pay it forward more often.. And Give unconditionally ..

    Another Awesome collection here Brad. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into bringing them all together.. I know the amount of time and effort it takes..

    Enjoy the beginning of your week..
    Love and Blessing my friend
    Sue 🙂

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