Find Your Happy Zone

I’ve noticed that I am happiest when I have a moderate pace and level of activity. I call this my Happy Zone.

happiness, balance, flow, feeling good

When I’m too busy, I often feel stress, headaches or pressure from too much to do with not much time. This is a mind game, where we worry about the future, instead of focusing on getting what we can done. Ideally, I catch myself, take a break or walk, relax and continue. Physical activity helps me to let go of mind and return to the moment.

Alternatively, when I have too little to do, then I often feel bored or worse yet, unhappy. Both my mind and body seem to prefer to have a positive focus. I believe that we have an innate, inner drive that wants us to align with joy and do meaningful things with our lives. Artists call this drive divine discontent.

Working gently on tasks that move me toward my goals is productive, meaningful and mood boosting. When I work, play and live in this way, then my life flows and I feel good naturally. It is both a pace and a focus from living in the now. Not too fast or attached, but steady, focused and consistent. This is a flow state that I call my Happy Zone.

Now, go find Your Happy Zone!

Your turn!

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