Who doesn’t love awesomeness?
 being awesome,

Just the word makes me feel good. How about you? Do you want to be awesome?

This post about awesomeness was inspired by Tony Schwartz. His post on how to be awesome is both practical and motivational, recognizing our multi-faceted natures. The key takeaway is that we can be awesome at whatever we are willing to practice. More and more, researchers are proving that mostly life is up to us, our choices and actions, not our conditions or genetics.

According to Tony, the 6 keys to being awesome are:

  1. Follow your passions. Many books and gurus talk about the power of passion to help move us forward. This is why I write about inspiration. I am inspired to help others live better lives. But, inspiration without action is fantasy. We must take action in order to live our dreams.
  2. Do the hard work first. Like Brian Tracy’s swallow the frog idea, he suggests doing the hardest tasks first and early in the day when we have less distractions.  
  3. Practice with intensity. If you want to excel, you need to practice daily. Mastery comes from consistently pushing beyond our comfort zones. In this way, we build mental, emotional, physical and spiritual skills to move us toward our dreams.
  4. Seek advice and mentoring from experts, but only occasionally, to keep from overloading yourself. Experts can help us focus and get on track, but not if we are constantly questioning, correcting and hesitating.
  5. Renew yourself routinely. The balance for hard work is relaxing our minds and bodies. We need time to relax, recharge and simply BE. Dreams are often born in stillness.
  6. Build structure or rituals that support you in living your dreams. By having routines, friends and structures that support us, we don’t have to waste time and energy on decisions, will power, motivation, etc. We simply do what we need to do.

I would add a 7th and most important key; You are awesome just as you are.

No matter how far or close you are to living your dreams, you are precious. To me, the core foundation for personal growth is learning to believe in ourselves. We must learn to feel our inherent beauty and radiance. We are gifted with life, breath, mind, body and the bounty of Earth. The irony is that our spiritual nature is automatic, freely given and inside, yet many of us spend a lifetime looking outside for our greatness and happiness. For more resources on being awesome, see my resources page. 

Look inside to find the hidden treasure of your awesomeness. 

Be the light you are. Show your beauty for all to see. That is Awesomeness!

2 thoughts on “Awesomeness!

  1. Your entire last paragraph makes for an exceptional powerful daily mantra! Here’s to celebrating the beauty and greatness that already resides within!! Thanks, Brad — LOVE!


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