Elusive Eclipse

Elusive Eclipsesolar eclipse, poetry,


shadows chasing light

race across the earthen fields

cosmic dance unfolds


Truthfully, the whole eclipse was a bit of a letdown for me. We were in a 93% zone, but the light didn’t really change much, the birds stayed active, and life went on. I’m still glad I participated. This lovely view was dancing across the street in front of our house. I enjoyed watching the shadows on the ground more than the crescents in the sky. Maybe I’ll go to the total eclipse zone next time. I’m told it’s a completely different experience. Beware looking to externals for your happiness grasshopper, said a wise old man.  🙂

And for those who like symbolism, eclipses are cosmic reminders that opposites can be complementary aspects that both attract and create one another. A good example is the Taoist view of Yin and Yang in an eternal dance of change.


32 thoughts on “Elusive Eclipse

  1. Ah! I understand, Brad! We had a cloud cover…and we’re in the 75% zone. But I have to say it felt a little eery…the color…it was cloudy but it seemed a different color.
    Anyway…love your thoughts on it. Have a super blessed day 💜

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  2. Hello Brad,
    Yes, I can understand your disappointment if it was built up as becoming dark for you.
    We didn’t have it down here.
    I can tell you it really does happen. I remember one when I was about 12 and it was the eeriest thing. I’ll never forget the warning about not looking at the sun and as a worrier, the blinds were drawn in case we were tempted to look…
    And a lovely quote too, a very good reminder, thank you.
    Have a lovely day 🙋🏻💐

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  3. Hey Brad,
    I love your photo. I saw those on the ground too, but my pics didn’t turn out as well. Little light moons.
    Our light here in NM was really neat. Everything quieted. No breeze or anything (until I tried taking pics of course). The colors were kind of brilliant. It was cool.

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    • Thank you Mary. Sometimes I’m happy with my cellphone pics. 🙂 The shadows were the most interesting part of the eclipse for me, though we did have some change in light and a quieting too. I’m glad you enjoyed your eclipse show too. blessings, Brad


  4. Such a cool capture, Brad! I’m sorry the eclipse was a bit of a letdown for you. I enjoyed the phases of partiality, but they were nothing compared to the 100% – there was a noticeable change in the temperature – heat index in southern Illinois was in the 100’s, but felt more like 80 during totality (which was a sweet relief for those 2 whole minutes), and there was a definite darkening that came over the area – even the crickets began chirping, it was so freaking cool!!! I was in awe. It’s definitely worth traveling somewhere to see the next one in totality. 🙂

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  5. Nice post, Brad. I should have tried harder to see it, even though we weren’t in the direct path in DC. But I was busy, and I knew the urban setting would ruin it for me. Back in the 80s I witnessed a total eclipse of the sun. It was amazing. Not something I’m likely to forget. Hugs on the wing!

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  6. I talked to a friend in Portland and they were in the 99% area and he was disappointed…said even at that percent the change wasn’t drastic….interesting. We were in LA which was a partial and you could see a change in the sunlight…subtle but noticeable. I was actually surprised by even that amount of change. I also think it would be worth it to get into a “total eclipse” area…..I thoughtI heard the next one for this country is 2024…..thanks for sharing!

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  7. Sorry your view of the eclipse was a bit of let down Brad.. but I did get to see those amazing pictures later you posted from Nasa.. We watched it live here in the UK from the USA.. and it looked awesome.. to use your phraseology lol 🙂
    Hugs your way and have a beautiful week Brad ..

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