Mayan Madness

Mayan predictions, New Design School

twas the night before the apocalypse

tidings of dread and fear

filled the hearts of mayans and deer

spreading like a virus on facebook

then came the light, proclaiming look

a new era is here

filled with peace, love and joy

built on maize, wheat and soy

go forth and love, make merry, not madness

celebrate with holiday gladness

joyfully a new beer called cheer is here

now go forth and drink 

for today is not to think

but a new day to be

whatever you want to be


p.s. The image was designed by Armando Bayona of New Design School, celebrating Mayan culture. For more info on the school, programs and products, visit here. No disrespect intended to Mayans, new eras or any people. I am simply offering a humorous reflection on the zany ideas surrounding our current times.

4 thoughts on “Mayan Madness

  1. This message came to me as a surprise as I need this message so badly … .right now my thinking process has started to take a U Turn! Thanks and God Bless you.


    • Sweet! Thanks Shauna, I actually created an ode inspired by your writing that I was going to post today, but the Mayan muse struck. I’m delighted to join the ranks of powerful poets if they’ll have me.
      Cheers back to you!


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