monsters, moss, imagination

Monsters in the Moss

Monsters in the Moss ~ monsters in the moss creatures lurking in the grass silken hideaways imagination run wild dreams to pass the time of day ~ I love the variety of colors, textures, and plants in this corner of the woods. Looking at the image later, I saw what appeared to be two creatures…

missing muse

Missing Muse

Missing Muse My writing muse has been missing in action for a while. My fanciful friend, Muse Brad, seems to have left the premises. I persist in writing because I’m a stubborn cuss, but my writing feels flat and forced. Or maybe I have a new muse that is all about writing schedules ala D. Wallace’s…

mystery, poetry

Embracing the Mystery

~ tendrils of mist swirl about my body creating an aura of mystery washed in nature’s veil both refreshing and exciting what lies ahead is not clear the foggy valley beckons I  step boldly into the unknown ~ Christmas arrived early for me! Thanks to the feedback from this community, I have relaxed into the…

Cool Jazz, poem

Street Jazz

Street Jazz ~ street dancing with life vibrant colors play like jazz come feel the rhythm ~ For some reason, this wonderful image by Kirt Tisdale struck me like a hot jazz tune. I love the vibrant colors and feeling of this image. Kirt was kind enough to allow me to use this image for…

creativity, art

You are Creative!

You are Creative! We tend to view creativity as something magical and special given to only the privileged few. In fact, I believe we are all creative. We simply express it in different ways. The main problem is with our limited definitions and perceptions of what it means to be creative. Creativity can be seen as…

thunder storms, poetry

Thunder Dreams

Thunder Dreams a flash of lightning followed by booming thunder rattles my senses ~ messages to wake up rise from your sleepy dreamland follow your passions ~ This is another awesome storm photo from Mike Oblinski. I’m not ready to chase storms with Mike, but I’ll gladly follow his stories and photos!

spontaneity, living with zest

Riding the Wild Pony of Spontaneity

Riding the Wild Pony of Spontaneity And now for some Fucktastic News! I don’t really have big news, I just like writing this new word and letting my muse get a little wild. The word is made up by Allison Marie of Glory Begin. If you don’t know Allison, buckle up and prepare for a…

fall colors, poetry

Autumn Show

Autumn Show   colors glowing autumn showing shadow and light a glorious sight ~ wind prancing leaves dancing colors playing autumn raving ~ Fall is starting to show her delightful colors and I’m happy to be out exploring and photographing. My new bargain smartphone (Umi Hammer s) isn’t bad for $130, but I was hoping…