12 Ways to Celebrate Life for the Holidays

I’ve created this post to celebrate and honor December 12, 2012.

Life is a precious gift that we are given freely. What we make of our lives is almost entirely up to us as determined by our choices, not our circumstances.

Many people are talking about cataclysmic or transformative events, new eras, apocalapse, spiritual births, Mayan calendars and predictions all over the scale. I don’t know what will happen, nor am I particularly concerned. What I do know is that by continuing to live from my heart, spreading love and celebrating life, I will be a seed for good in the world. In these transitional times, why not celebrate life.

Unity teaches about the 12 spiritual powers. Life is the power associated with December, red, Judas and vitality.

Life is defined as the ability to energize, vitalize, enliven, animate and invigorate. We all have areas to heal and grow in our lives. In the Unity teachings, Judas represents the cleansing of selfishness by allowing the life force to flow freely. Make a joyful noise!

Merry Christmas, Celebrate

I am choosing to celebrate the preciousness of life with gratitude, love, kindness and joy. Will you join me in creating 12 Ways to Celebrate Life for the Holidays?

You can pick one of my ways to celebrate each day or make up your own. The ways to celebrate are as abundant as life.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to celebrate life.

  1. Appreciate the bounty already in your life. Make it a daily routine to count your blessings, thereby multiplying the blessings for all.
  2. Cultivate curiosity, Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity as a Facebook post reminded me today.
  3. Teach the joy of service. Volunteer some time at a food bank or shelter.
  4. Celebrate the beauty of nature with friends and family. Nature offers us amazing bounty, variety and gifts. Watch a sunset, listen to birds singing or go on a hike.
  5. Create new traditions that are more focused on appreciating your loved ones than commercialism.
  6. Host a gathering of friends to celebrate the light on winter solstice. Light candles, share stories of beauty, appreciation and joy.
  7. Teach your children the joy of giving and non-attachment. Sort through your possessions to find nice items to give away. Most of us have plenty to share.
  8. Meditate. Spend quiet time contemplating what the season means to you and how you would like it to be for your family and friends. Visualize what you want, then take action.
  9. Sing for joy. Go caroling. Spread some holiday cheer in your neighborhood or a nursing home.
  10. Offer hugs to strangers. Try it, you might like it!
  11. Smile at everyone you meet and wish them a joyful holiday.
  12. Give praise for the precious gift of life. Each of us are a miracle. Shine your light!

Make a joyful noise. Celebrate the season of peace, love and joy in a manner that makes you smile. Let your own light shine brightly in celebration of abundant life. Share your blessings.

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Joyful Kwanzaa. Fabulous Festival of Lights. Soulful Solstice. Find something to celebrate; the possibilities are joyfully abundant.

To Peace, Love and Joy!

4 thoughts on “12 Ways to Celebrate Life for the Holidays

  1. Loved it … would read it again and again till I really absorb the precious stuff and use them …. yeah … 12/12/12 … indeed … will never come again … thanks!


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