Autumn Pleasures

~ soft light filters through highlighting a single leaf moments of pure joy ~ Thankfully, there are signs of autumn, but not the grand spectacle of past years. So far we’ve mostly had yellow and brown, with a few sprinkles of red and orange. My guess is that we won’t have a grand display this…

autumn colors, love, poetry

Leaf Love

Leaf Love ~ veins of autumn hues passion burning in my heart the color of love ~ serenade to a leaf your veins stir my passion surfaces ablaze with color burning in my heart oozing shades of orange the color of love

Autumn, colors, poetry

Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory ~ walking down the street shimmering colors glowing my soul is replete ~ We had our last hurrah of colors last week. This was taken on a delightful walk in Fayetteville’s downtown. I’m glad to have a few pictures to treasure those glowing colors as we head into winter, cold weather and barren…