Autumn Pleasures

Cozy sunlit setting.


soft light filters through

highlighting a single leaf

moments of pure joy


Autumn teasers.

Thankfully, there are signs of autumn, but not the grand spectacle of past years. So far we’ve mostly had yellow and brown, with a few sprinkles of red and orange. My guess is that we won’t have a grand display this year. And I’m still grateful for the change of season, cooling of temperatures, and reminders to slow down, ponder, appreciate, and turn inward.

Fungi Feast! I love the color and patterns on these mushrooms.

To autumn and simple pleasures!

#SimpleJoys, #Autumn


62 thoughts on “Autumn Pleasures

  1. The brilliant colors may just come later. I thought our autumn was going to be less spectacular than usual but this past week it has been gorgeous. Two weeks past the official peak.

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  2. A reminder to slow down and ponder… this is what autumn brings. A good mood to understand that taking the time to enjoy is the best use of time. Also, perfect description of joy for a photographer: “soft light filters through, highlighting a single leaf, moments of pure joy” Great shot! πŸ™‚

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  3. A beautiful reminder of simple pleasures. Autumn in the northern hemisphere sure does put on a spectacular show. Not so much in the southern regions of Africa. Perhaps it’s not so much about what we see with our eyes, but how we look from the heart.

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