Ice Capades


Last year’s ice storm in photos.


ice covered landscapes

danger hidden by beauty

nature’s paradox


frozen dreams lie hidden in winter


crystalline beauty

distracts from lurking danger

waiting to disrupt


Evergreen dreams lie frozen in time.


Old musings and photos were recycled.

Into silly six-word stories today.

Your clever response in six words.

Release your creative muse to play.


Please respond in six-word stories.



92 thoughts on “Ice Capades

  1. How cleverly you have woven those words dear Brad… and like the ice captivating the living essence in those frozen time capsules… Your words too echo those crystallised dreams of frozen beauty….
    Lovely post Brad ❀

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  2. More poetic photos from you, and this time your poetry reveals one of my most electrifying thoughts about nature: “danger hidden by beauty nature’s paradox” ~ such a great read. It is this power of nature that shines, true crystalline beauty enhancing the danger… and excitement.

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