Trailside Beauty

Trailside Beauty

Lake Wedington about a month ago before the color and leaves popped.


emergent beauty

nature’s restorative balm

feeds body and soul


Recently I went on another local hike filled with spring delights. I revel in the beauty of nature all year, but especially in spring as life unfurls her charms. My body receives fresh air and exercise while my soul is nourished. Now more than ever with the covid mess dragging out, I find solace in nature and quiet time. Last week I hiked around Lake Wedington, about 10 miles west of town. These are just a few of the many charms I discovered on my hike around the lake.

One of the moss and fungi I love so much.

The lake’s spillway with a hint of spring to come.

At first I thought this was an egg, but it’s a seed pod.

May your heart be full of beauty.


74 thoughts on “Trailside Beauty

  1. Brad, walks and the outdoors has been a blessing to so many of us this past year and thank you for sharing the beauty of Lake Weddington! Glorious views and such magic within the minutiae of the moss, seed pod and flowers! Truly ‘nature’s restorative balm’! Happy Spring Trails!

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  2. so lovely, both pictures and words! Spring brings so much hope, joy and life to us, I am grateful for each little twig and seed sprouting. I live in a tine collage in the big woods and am surrounded all four season by the beauty of the natural world! I love it all!

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  3. so beautiful brad! i love how you stop to notice all the little gifts around you. i can’t help but do the same and like you, sure am grateful for nature during these times. so soul and body nourishing! thank you for this beautiful share.

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  4. I love nature! It always brings a sense of calm to this chaotic world that we live in! What I love most about this post is the fact that in these photographs you have captured the essence of this beautiful place and we can marvel at it’s calmness with you.
    I love hiking, it’s my second favourite thing to do outside of writing πŸ™‚

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  5. Such peace I felt Brad while reading your words, while I looked through your lens as you hiked around the lake.
    Argh…. Spring holds such promise after her winter slumber.
    May we all take a leaf from her and rise up to face our challenges as we push through this dark winter period of our human lives.
    Many thanks and much love πŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ§‘

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