Freaky Fungi

Freaky Fungi





freaky fungi forms

a mycologist’s delight

the beauty of spores








This is the follow up to my mushroom hunting adventure. I saved the two wildest mushrooms for this second post. If you’re brave, you can click on the images for a closer look at these freaky fungi!

May all your mushrooms be freaky!  


40 thoughts on “Freaky Fungi

  1. I enjoyed your poem about mushrooms. Do you like picking them yourself?
    I love walking the forest floor and look at these rather fantastic beings but although I am pretty
    sure about three of the safe ones I don’t take the risk of poisoning anyone.
    During ” mushroom time ” the forest fills with pickers.


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  2. Very interesting captures of funghi, Brad. They do look out of the ordinary and as you said, a bit freaky. They could pass of as monsters in a nightmare. Hope you are doing well, Brad. I read your last few posts and it seems you have a lot going on for you, and I hope you work it all out soon 🙂

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  3. What’s beautiful to some, is, um, freaky to others. 🙂 Your posts remind me of a time I lived near the DE/PA border, which sometimes calls itself the mushroom capital of the US. If the wind shifted the right way, you could smell those mushroom ‘farms.’ Made me eat less mushrooms, but now when I visit a restaurant in that area I order their specialty: Mushroom Soup.

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