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Moss Mountain

Moss Mountain ~ majestic mountain ruling over mossy fields king of the moss land ~ I love the details of nature to be found in close up views. I’d love a better camera to fully capture the details, but they’re still fascinating to me. This scene is like a miniature mountain scene. In physical reality,…

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Elementals #6

Elementals #6 ~ tiny villages share bark, moss, fungi, water  synergistic life ~ I love to see these tiny patches of life thriving on the bark of a tree. Its amazing to me how the bark, moss, and fungi synergistically thrive with each other. Each one contributing to the whole, and taking only what is…

elementals, nature poetry

Elementals #5

Elementals #5 ~ forest and fungi the synergy of shared growth elemental play  ~ I have long been fascinated by fungi and mushrooms. Fungi are heterotrophs that obtain their carbon and energy from other organisms. Some fungi obtain their nutrients from a living host (plant or animal) and others obtain their nutrients from dead plants.      

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Awesome Stories 269

This week Awesome Stories brings you seeds of joy, library services, inspired action, beautiful fungi and silence. Planting Seeds This short video really touched me. I felt waves of joy, sadness and happiness wash over me. One of the lyrics is about planting seeds and letting go. Whatever grows will grow and whatever dies will…

SolTech rooftop solar

Awesome Stories 1.58

This week Awesome Stories brings you murmuration, sleek solar, Kid President, passionate education and creative cooperation. Sexy Solar I would love to have one of these solar roof systems. These systems from SolTech Energy are one of the most aesthetically pleasing solar roof systems that I’ve ever seen. Plus, they claim to have very high…