Mushroom Hunting

Mushroom Hunting


colorful fungi 

mushrooms fill the forest floor

a hunter’s delight

spores, yeast, molds, mushrooms galore

calling all mycologists


I had a blast finding and photographing mushrooms on my hike this past Monday. It was my first day out in about a month, and the forest was filled with an amazing variety and amount of mushrooms, fungi, etc. I guess all the rain we’ve has stirred a bloom in fungi. Here is a small sampling of all the fungi that I found. I don’t know their names, but they sure are interesting. I think it would be fun to go mushroom hunting with an expert mycologist to learn more about them and know which ones are edible. Any mycologists out there?


42 thoughts on “Mushroom Hunting

  1. Wonderful Brad, nothing beats the aroma of the forest floor this time of year .. And what delights you found hiding there too..
    Great poem Brad and loved the images..
    So pleased you were able to connect back with nature.. I am sure you missed going on your hikes.. So happy you created that space to do so..
    Much love your way Brad, take care of you and don’t work Too hard.. 💙

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  2. So glad you were able to get out and explore for a while in nature – I know how it fills your soul. Mine too! So many interesting varieties of fungi! Nature is so amazing! Great captures and fun prose, Brad! 🙂

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  3. I’m sure you had a blast taking pictures of them. We had a hike back then that I wished that I had taken the camera with me. We will be redoing that hike again and I will be bringing that camera, no matter what.

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