Lover’s Lips

Lover’s Lips

Eucalyptus Flower Bud Opening by Peter Nydegger, Perth, Australia


her lips open wide

soft tendrils teasing

alluring charms on display

inviting his fervent love

sowing seeds of passionΒ 

primal urges satiated

for new life to emerge

the dance of creation



48 thoughts on “Lover’s Lips

  1. Sexy! In all good ways. I lived with Eucalyptus trees for many years, and somehow missed the passionate bud opening. Must have been rather shy about it (the tree, and me). Nothing shy about this poem. Gorgeous.

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  2. What a beautiful and steamy poem … Got my heart racing …. WOW! And, that photo of wonderful … a glorious creation, that flower is …. Thanks for sharing your words and the gorgeous photo! πŸ™‚

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