Soul Spaces 111- Nature

Soul Spaces 111 – Nature

nature, soul, Lee Creek

The waters are running clear in Lee Creek, Devils Den State Park.

Nature has been my go-to place and way to nurture my soul ever since my 30s. During my early thirties, I was fortunate to have the time, money, and health to travel the country in a VW camper visiting National Parks. The two summers I spent hiking and camping in my beloved VW created a lifetime love of nature for me. Right now as I write this post the birds are singing to me from our forested back yard and I see the sun setting from this lovely room I’m renting. It has a west-facing deck to enjoy the birds, trees, and sunsets until the leaves fill in and block the view.

early spring buds

This week I finally got out of town to explore one of my favorite regional parks called Devil’s Den State Park. The name comes from the extensive cave systems and rocky outcroppings. I go more for the water and views from the top of the mountain ridges. The first signs of spring were everywhere with birds singing, redbud trees showing off their early pink buds, understory bushes starting to fill in, and the ephemeral early spring flowers that blossom before the tree canopy fills in.

May you find time to nurture your soul this week. 

Peace out, Brad


46 thoughts on “Soul Spaces 111- Nature

  1. It’s no wonder you found that love of nature travelling in that way at a young age, and I’m glad you get the opportunity to re-visit some of these places – Devil’s Den sounds like a very interesting place to visit.

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  2. How wonderful that you had that opportunity, Brad, I’d love to do something similar one day! Lovely photos. 🌸 I’m so happy that you have that great place to rent! 😊

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  3. oh how wonderful brad…i’m not sure if i remembered about you traveling around in your camper exploring national parks. i may just have a bad memory, but how cool that we’ve both done that and that we both found it so transformative and nurturing. i’m happy to hear and see that you got out to one of your favorite parks there. lots of love to you!

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  4. You spent a couple summers in your VW van hiking and camping!? HOW AWESOME is that!? I can totally see you doing that again. Glad you’re having some much-needed outdoor time presently, as well. Happy weekend!

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  5. Ah, I can feel your serenity, Brad. I agree, nature nurtures us. I remember the first time as a kid (probably 10 ish) when I explored the woods by myself (no one knew I’d left our neighborhood) and spent hours sitting next to a babbling brook, watching a frog jump from lily pad to pad, smelling the fresh green forest, listening to the birds celebrate life. That embedded a love for nature within me for the rest of my life.

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  6. It sounds like you have a strong commitment to feeding your soul with natural surroundings. Way to go. I think it is easy get distracted or to forget what keeps your spirit nourished. You are keeping yourself fed.

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  7. Happy you are in a good place, Brad! Your feet are solidly on the ground. I feel like you are at home in yourself from all the travels, able to embrace all of your memories and current connections, and that clear river is breath-taking… in the best way. May you always be nourished.

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  8. So cool to see Devil’s Den State Park. Had a family reunion there once when I was a child, and my cousin and I scampered all over the place and had a great time exploring the caverns. A beautiful park, Brad! Such a treat to explore the natural world…


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