Soul Spaces 112 – Family and Gardens

Soul Spaces Family and Garden Goodness


azaleas in bloom

squirrels practice acrobats

butterflies dancing

nature’s bounty on display

nourishing body and soul



My mom and I thrive in the garden with flowers, bushes, plants, and birds to warm our hearts. I was happy to spruce up her yard as my way of bringing some joy to her life. We spent many hours sitting and enjoying her yard and gardens, in between garden chores for me.Β  πŸ™‚ Mom spent many years designing, planting, and caring for her gardens to get them to this point. She laid good foundations, and now I’m simply helping keep them tended. I’m grateful to have inherited the love of nature, and the gift for designing and caring for gardens from my mom. Mom is in pain almost all the time so it was nice to see her at peace for a few moments as she looked out over her yard. I hope she is able to spend the rest of her life in her home, enjoying her garden goodness. I love you mom. Thanks for all you’ve given, and been, to your family and friends.

May you make time for who and what nurtures your soul this week.

Peace out, Brad



39 thoughts on “Soul Spaces 112 – Family and Gardens

  1. What a wonderful relaxing space your Mom has created with your help dear Brad.. Such a delightful place to be at one with nature.. So loved the photos and loved the design and colours.. ❀ Keep Enjoying Nature both of you πŸ™‚

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  2. I love this post Brad, both the beautiful photos and your praise to your mom, the garden and
    the love that binds you. It will be healing for your mom to be out in this peaceful part of nature
    and you have helped to create it.
    By the way, your mom looks so lovely and the outfit is just so warm and soft in colours.


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  3. such a beautiful poem and energy i feel from your mom, her garden, and the time you two spent together. i’m so happy you shared this special time together. your mom looks like a blossom herself in her beautiful pink attire. it’s like everything received a refresh, including you and your mom. how wonderful that nature and cultivating her gardens is a beautiful thread to the tapestry of your connection. i’m so sorry to hear that your mom is experiencing so much pain and can understand how it would be wonderful for her to stay there in the home she loves, with the land she’s help nurture, and receiving and giving to nature in ways that mututally peace-ify ❀ love to you both!

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    • What a beautiful comment and perspective Tania. I love your vision of building our connection through tending the gardens, and yes, they’re a big part of her joy and desire to stay in her house. I hope mom can stay there as long as she wants. Thanks for your loving support and reflections. ❀

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  4. So nice to see a beautiful poem on nature, Brad and your mom sitting quietly and enjoying herself in the peace and quietness of your garden. So nice to see you helping her and planting love and happiness everywhere. Thanks for this wonderful post.

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