Mary Returns Home

Mary Returns HomeMary Oliver, poetry

I told myself that I wouldn’t write a tribute to Mary Oliver. The internet is filled with tributes, eulogies, mourning, and celebration of her poetry. But Deborah Brasket’s soulful reflections on Mary and her poetry, along with Mary’s own words demanded to be acknowledged. So I humbly bow to the powers of Mary and nature, calling out from the great beyond. I highly recommend you read Deborah’s post called Washed in LIght which evokes reverence and resonance to Mary’s poetry, along with some beautiful examples of her poetry.

As most of you know, Mary Oliver passed this week. She has returned home to the earth she came from. Her poetry reflects a deep reverence for nature with simple language, strong imagery, and intimate observations. For many of us, her poetry evokes soulful feelings and reverence for life, endearing her to large audiences around the world as one of the most well known and awarded poets. As Deborah wrote so eloquently, Mary boldly faced both life and death, living her one precious life with clear purpose and passion.

May we honor Mary by living our precious lives with purpose, passion, and reverence for life. 

Fields of Dreams


we mourn your passing

while celebrating your life

once again evoking the paradox of life

filled with exquisite joys and heart-wrenching sorrows

you touch our souls with your words and spirit

humbled by insightful reflections on life and nature

we yearn to meet you in fields of dreams

where great poets come to rest

farewell sweet Mary Oliver


May you rest in peace and fly with the angels dear Mary. 


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