Serengeti Sunset

Serengeti Sunset

Serengeti Sunset

Sunset In The Serengeti- print by Kirt Tisdale


serengeti nights

giraffes strolling the desert

messengers of love


I really like this art print by Kirt Tisdale. Kirt is a talented artist who enjoys creating custom images using a variety of digital techniques. I appreciate that he shares his techniques and processes for others to learn. This image is from a recent blog post describing his abstract art for a client and upcoming children’s book. I love the bold colors and simple lines in these images. I hope you enjoy them too.


46 thoughts on “Serengeti Sunset

  1. i love learning about other artists. thank you for sharing Kirt’s work, Brad ❀ i especially love giraffes too. they have become integral in my life as of recent couple of years. their symbolism is so beautiful. i love your poem that accompanies the image – perfect partners. the simplicity of your words and art go well together, and yet both have bold depth. you have a way with words πŸ™‚

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      • you’re most welcome!!! here is something you might find interesting from a post i wrote about giraffes last year after researching into them because of the giraffe statues in our home:

        Giraffes speak to being able to see the bigger picture, while staying confidently grounded. They symbolize the visionary seers and doers, but done with gracefulness in action. This includes the ability to see into the future to things that used to or might seem out of reach, but now point to where you are headed and that by stretching further into things outside of your normal vantage point or comfort zone, you can experience new opportunities and potentials. In fact, eloquent giraffe encourages reaching as far as you can because the unattainable is now attainable and possible.

        Basically, giraffe says, β€œrise to the occasion” and that there’s no challenge insurmountable since giraffe summons up your most remarkable potentials, while also reminding you to rise above the chaos. That speaks to me to going for the biggest dream ever and that grace and balance are possible through any challenges you may face.

        They also speak to me about merging Cosmos and Earth and bringing those aspects of ourselves in balance and synergy together.

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