Native Winds

Native Windspoetry, Native American, wind


the six directions

east, south, west, north, sky and earth

blowing through my heart


Image from Robin G on Pinterest.

Native American teachings resonate deeply with me, especially their reverence for life. May we listen with our hearts and celebrate all life.



22 thoughts on “Native Winds

  1. We have much to learn from our Native Brothers and Sisters Brad.. I play lots of their inspired music.. Including some of their marvellous Drumming and Chants.. Thank you for sharing … Much love and Gratitude Sue

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    • Indeed Sue, much to learn, share and appreciate from our Native friends. Feel free to share some of that music here or on your site. Thanks for being tuned to our great Mother and her gifts. I’m glad I could stimulate a post and thanks for the mention. Blessings to all my relations…

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  2. Lovely poem and music Brad πŸ™‚ We are slowly relearning the knowledge and wisdom of people such as the Native Americans. It seems westerners lost the sense of ‘oneness’ centuries ago, but it was never lost in native tribes. For those of us on a quest for understanding their teachings do resonate πŸ™‚

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  3. Agreed Robert. There is much to learn from the Native cultures around the world. Thankfully, some of them are willing to share and some of us are willing to listen and learn. May we learn to live in harmony with each other and Mother Earth.


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