Mushroom Musings

Mushroom Musings

mushrooms, poetry, magic

moist yearnings

secret learnings

spores of delight

taking magic flight


awakening our sacred heart

excited for a new start

tales of magic, fairies and gnomes

blessing our hidden homes


let your child play

enjoying each new day

from birth until re-birth

creating heaven on earth


This poem was inspired by the playful mushroom home below and the beautiful ceramics of . The photo above was found on Facebook Science Fanpage. May your musings be filled with magic and mushrooms.  XDceramics, mushroom, poetry


30 thoughts on “Mushroom Musings

  1. A wonderful poem Brad, a tribute to the beautiful fungus. Also the last line reminds me too of the beginning of spring: “let your child play, enjoying each new day, from birth until re-birth, creating heaven on earth” Well said.

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  2. Your mushroom is prettier, but mine is more habitable 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the photo, the poem is really lovely and my mushroom feels so good between your lines.
    You can not imagine the joy that comes to meet these surprises, I love it … it’s an honor to have a small space on your blog.
    Thanks again Brad, you’re great !!!

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