Native Dreams

Native Dreamssunsets, dreams, native american

majestic patterns explode across the sky

awakening the wisdom of my ancestors

before we lived in buildings that block the sky

and drove monster tractors to harvest the land

when we lived in harmony with nature

observing the skies for signs and portents

harvesting the land with love and respect

inspired by the stars and planets

grateful for the bounties of mother earth

we bridged the space between earth and sky

as stewards of love and life

may we awaken from dreams of power and greed

and return to our native dreams


While the reasoning in this story poem is a bit simplistic, Β I do hope we learn to live in harmony with nature. πŸ™‚


58 thoughts on “Native Dreams

  1. Beautiful photograph Brad, and I connect to the words of yours very easily – such truth in “may we awaken from dreams of power and greed and return to our native dreams” and perhaps I am the eternal optimist in believing that we are beginning to make this transition.

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    • Thank you Randall. I’m glad my photography skills (and luck) are still functional even with the occasional use and cellphone limitations. I alternate between hope and worry. And ultimately feel mother nature will restore herself with or without us, so maybe we’ll play along. πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve often thought that our First Nations peoples were the most progressive of all: the way they worked with nature, used energy, respected everything around them…I’m drawn to the study of their cultures, too. Partly because I grew up in the American Southwest, but partly because I do have Navajo roots and well…they’re so fascinating.
    Thanks for this beautiful poem. We need words like these – now, more than ever.

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    • I agree with you on their progressive ways of living and wanting to know more. I explored a couple of reservations and tribes in my 30s. How cool to have native roots and grow up in the SW; one of my favorite places! I love the adobe architecture, native influences and big open skies.


  3. Brad this is a beautiful story poem.. and often I wonder why we build things so square.. when nature builds hers so round.. This was brought home more to me within your poem of Native Dreams.. as the tepee home is round like the nest of a bird or the droplet of dew.. and the stars and the planets..

    You rounded off your poem brilliantly Brad πŸ™‚

    “we bridged the space between earth and sky~as stewards of love and life~may we awaken from dreams of power and greed~and return to our native dream”

    Thank you πŸ™‚

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