Moody Blues

I discovered a new style of poetry from Vashi’s blog called a Sidlak. It’s a structured poem consisting of 5 lines with 357syllables for the first four lines and a color for the last line. The color describes the whole poem or feelings of the writer. Here is Vashit’s Sidlak called craving.

Moody BluesMoody Blues, poetry


sliding down

endless days and nights

filled with the haze of sadness

pain wraps around my heart like a vice

moody blues


Thankfully, I’m not stuck in depression like I was for many years. I’ve learned that resisting my feelings or life circumstances only makes them stronger. Now, it’s more like brief visits from an old nemesis. We know each other, we give our best, and we dance around for a while. With more practice, I want to embrace the blues as a friend in need of TLC. I’ve learned that my feelings are important signals to listen to and respect. At the same time, there is a point where it becomes wallowing. I want to honor my sad feelings without letting them overwhelm me and my life.

This is part of why I moved from Oregon. It was the most beautiful place and gentle climate of anywhere that I’ve lived, yet I found the long gray seasons to be very hard and depressing. Seeing posts from fellow bloggers reminds me that I want to revisit the beautiful northwest again soon, preferably in the summer or fall.  🙂Clear Lake, OR

Self-acceptance and compassion have been the major themes for my life in the last few years. I’ve made great progress in accepting and honoring more aspects of myself.

May we find our way back home to the light. Blessings, Brad 


56 thoughts on “Moody Blues

  1. A sad poem. I am pleased that you do not feel depressed. I lived in Vancouver, Canada for over 26 years and came back east in April of this year to help my 89-year-old mother out. I totally miss the west. Yes, the grey skies can bother people but it has never bothered me which is a blessing in its own right. While back east I endured a cold Spring and a Summer that was heat oppressive where you had to be indoors in air conditioning all the time. Autumn is my favorite season so I am looking forward to it despite the rains that accompany Autumn. I have decided to go back out west as the east does not appeal to me anymore. I miss the whispers of the many beaches and the murmur of many wooded areas. Be well.

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  2. the northwest is definitely a beautiful area. i lived in the seattle area…well actually across from seattle in a little town called indianola by bainbridge island. and while yes, so so lovely, i felt it was too dreary most of the year for me.i love where we live now, with similar scenery, but lots of sunshine. i’m happy you’re making friends with your feelings ❤ big hugs!

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  3. Beautiful Brad, I love everything about this post – the photos, the poetry and the things you shared about depression. I didn’t know you had lived in Oregon for a time. I’ve only been along the coast of Oregon, but it’s one of THE most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. My sister lived in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years, so I was able to visit quite often. She’s living back home here now and we are always talking of going back there, it’s been too long…

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  4. Your poem is so deeply beautiful and along with it your post feels a very familiar feeling. I have stopped thinking sadness as wrong but my old friend that likes to visit and usually leads me deeper within. It can do a lot of good if I allow it to. I actually tend to be attracted to gray weather, probably that says a lot about how I can make a choice here 🙂

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  5. Thank you for introducing me to a new poetic form! I didn’t know this one, and you’ve written a beautiful and moving example. I’m glad the blues don’t have as much of a hold on you now. Beauty in nature is powerful medicine indeed! Much love, Harula x

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  6. I so can relate to this beautiful post, Brad. That poem in the beginning …. powerful and very different! I too know what depression is and some days I must be strong not to give in to it. I can attest it has made me into a stronger person and has given me much understanding of the other side of life. I especially struggle through the winter months and must do my best to stay occupied. Lack of sun and cold do a huge number not only on my physical body but my mental as well. Again as I look to the coming winter, I have hope this year I succeed in feeling well. Even when cold I do my best to get outside immersed in Mother for it is there I receive much needed Love and Healing!

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  7. Sidlak, how fascinating, just goes to prove, there’s always something new to learn. Nice one! Also congratulations on transforming darkness to light! It’s so good when we can look back and compare our progress and growth from past to present in a positive way. Well done Brad!🙏🏽💐

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  8. The Northwest can have a down effect on people. I was born and raised in Western Washington and I live in Western Oregon. Our rainy/cloudy season usually begins in November and can last till June. It can hit people hard. I get it. Happy to hear you’re better.

    Come out in the summer or early fall. That’s the best time.

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  9. Thanks for sharing….love the poem and the picture fit perfectly!! I love the Pacific Northwest…didn’t know you had lived in Oregon….beautiful state! I get the gray aspect, but find the lush green forests full of energy. Being a person who is “light sensitive” to depression….I’m sure there is a proper term for it, but it does have an impact on moods, I get it. Thanks for sharing…my best to you!

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  10. First what a beautifully created poem in this new style I too had not heard of..Your words fit perfectly with the image.. As for those Moody Blues.. Its good that you can step back and have learnt Self Acceptance, in honouring your emotions.. For we all have our highs and low points.. Learning not to wallow is wonderful, it means like you so rightly say, you allow your feelings to surface and are learning to let them go. Its so easy for us to allow depression to loom in and take control.. The battle is constant, and it takes huge amounts of energy at times just to stay afloat..

    As someone who for years suffered Depression, I understand how easy it can be to slip back.. Especially when our weather is grey and dull. Our moods often match..

    I hope you can visit your beautiful North West again soon.. It sounds as if that is a place close to your heart.
    Love and HUGS Brad..

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    • Thank you for understanding so clearly Sue. Depression is a tricky dance partner and we always need to pay attention to keep our footing. 🙂 I appreciate you and your kind words. Love and blessings my friend.


  11. There is so much wisdom here I want to remember, like embracing the blues “as a friend in need of TLC.” It’s been my habit to resist for so long, sometimes I forget, but your words, and that I happened to be listening to an old Moody Blues album today, help. Blue can be beautiful, at least in your photos. I’ve always wanted to go to Oregon, now I’m thankful not to live there. I hope you get back for a visit.

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