Mushroom Musings

Mushroom Musingsmushrooms, magic,


mushrooms glowing in the shade

psychedelic colors on parade

fungi bending time and spacemushrooms, poetry

takes me to a happy place

cant wait to see their faces

I’ll see you at the races

come and taste the magic


These mushrooms were intriguing with their the glowing color and the fuzzy texture, but not as fuzzy as my image! Since I was disappointed in the image quality I decided to play with the image and poem. The mushrooms seemed quite magical or maybe it was the piece I sampled.  🙂

May your musings be magical.


16 thoughts on “Mushroom Musings

  1. For some reason, mushroom frighten me in a sense. Their shape, their magic, the place where they grow (in the earth, underground), and their ability to poison. But your haiku and photos lightened up the subject and made me smile. 🙂

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  2. Cool little poem you’ve written there! Psychedelic drugs actually inspired a lot of creative art. Think about the Beatles yellow submarine… A lot of that was inspired by the psycho-active experiences of the 1960’s. I post a lot about trippy art on my own blog.

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