Steel Creek

Steel Creek

Steel Creek, poetry


the grace of waterBrad, Buffalo River

shaping limestone bluffs in time

steel creek river show


The Steel Creek bluffs on the Buffalo River are some of my favorite rock formations. Their majesty tugs at my heart and calls me back to visit time after time, just like how they were formed, one patient moment after another. May you find those special places that nurture your soul.

Blessings, Brad


33 thoughts on “Steel Creek

    • Thank you Kerri. I love your inner geologist phrase! and can relate to enjoying the many fascinating details in nature, and yes, water is a big draw for me too. I’m glad you have those special places and feelings.


      • Arizona and UTAH is my favorite so far, the canyons and rivers are magical,, rocks galore..I just went on a 40 day off the grid adventure w mt kitten lol and we came back w a huge box of rocks and rocks in every nook and cranny in my car ..all heart shaped..Beautiful and so fun.

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  1. That sounds like a grand adventure Kerri! I’ve traveled parts of Utah, but not the southern part with the wonderful parks and formations. I was just hiking with a friend today who talked about how she collects rocks from everywhere!


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