Tender Hearts

Tender Heartspoetry, love, vulnerability


beaten bruised and weary

your tender heart is calling

love asks for our surrender

we may be called to give greatly

releasing our ideas, comforts, and attachments

love will trim and prune like a gardener

removing what isn’t necessary

making room for new growth

to have more peace in life

surrender andΒ open to love


I’m realizing that love is clever and asks much of us. And I’m beginning to understand that love doesn’t ask more than we can give. Fear may tell us differently, but life brings us what we are ready for. Life is simply asking us to reach into our highest and best self for new capacities. There may be growing pains, mostly from our resistance and attachment. The more we lean into life, returning to our inner kingdom of peace and love, the more we can grow and flow with life. Be peace and flow my friends.


36 thoughts on “Tender Hearts

  1. Love is intangible in essence giving no words to a concrete definition and yes it is a two way street. Love has never lasted when it is one sided. Love if one can feel it as some people can’t is a wonderful joyous feeling. It is almost tantamount to completion.


  2. Trying hard to flow Brad, but man, these are tough times for sure! If I have learned nothing else it is to always keep moving! It is when we stop and dwell in dark places that we suffer, but moving forward and always searching for change allows us to hold onto possibilities and faith. Carry on Brad! The light awaits….VK πŸ™‚

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  3. What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn’t have any doubt – it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn’t want to go anywhere else. ~Hal Boyle

    Flow like the water, don’t feel compelled to steer your ship, let the current take you where you were meant to go. Beautiful image, inspiring poetry, and thoughtful insights to follow, Brad. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  4. Aww.. Left a apt comment then my internet went down for a few moments while I posted.. lol typical..

    I made a clever remark about Pruning and gardening and planting seeds.. LOL.. and now I can not recapture the thought.. as it came spontaneously..
    Loved your poem Brad.. keep gardening for Love my friend xxx

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  5. I appreciate reading your thought provoking poem, Brad, it had me contemplating about surrendering to love — it’s a concept that I keep reading about for years now, and even though my poem is very different from yours, I do think that they complement each other, because they both have the many aspects and ways to perceive love, if you don’t object, I’ll add it here (even though I posted it) because it was your poem and thoughts that got me contemplating about love.


    “Surrender to love.”
    Is love really such an aggressor
    That it’s something to surrender to?
    Love is a wild rose,
    That emits its scent
    Freely and without effort.

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      • Gosh, Brad, do you ever get me contemplating! Your reply to me reminded me of another poem that I wrote (the part where you said love is elusive), so I’ll add it here because of this most fasinating discussion and topic.

        Mystical domain

        The wind is invisible,
        Wind’s effects are visible.

        Light is invisible,
        Light’s effects are visible.

        Compassion is invisible,
        Compassion’s effects are visible.

        Air is invisible,
        Air’s effects are visible.

        Love is invisible,
        Love’s effects are visible.

        The soul is invisible,
        Soul’s effects are visible:
        Animating all life forms.

        What is of value is invisible,
        And therefore can’t be owned.

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