A Tender Heart

A Tender Heartsensitive, feelings, poetry


a tender heart throbbing

joys and pains magnified

the feelings overwhelm

I am alive and grateful


breathing deeply

I feel the peace

remembering this shall pass

moving on with life


Apparently, I put out a very strong intention! The days following my declarations to be more spacious and focus on love, I’ve been stretched and tested with big challenges. I’d like to believe the perspective that we never receive a challenge we aren’t ready for! My solution was to write a poem honoring my tender heart and feelings. May we find the peace big enough to embrace all our feelings.


40 thoughts on “A Tender Heart

  1. As the sun sets on one day, it surely rises on a new one. Best wishes for peace and courage to embrace all the emotions we feel that make us uniquely human – and a beautiful poem and image to capture the tenderness of those sentiments.

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  2. Beautiful poem and speaks so well to looking within to find strength. And you know, I like that line about being grateful: for a long time I wasn’t grateful to life’s challenges, and now – especially when I “look back” at them – they were the very things that helped me to grow so much. This poem reminds me of that: to be grateful when life’s lemons emerge. Wonderfully Zen here. πŸ™‚

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    • Gratitude for our challenges is a tough one. I know it’s true that they help us grow and yet during them it’s easy to get stuck and not feel at all grateful. I’m in the midst of all that this week. Send prayers or Zen monks! πŸ™‚


  3. Beautiful Brad. I think everyone’s stuff is up, triggered and mirrored right now. It’s a good thing to embrace and heal them. Sounds like you are doing just that. Peace to you in the new year! Mary

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  4. The more we face truth, the more we release our need to stay ‘private’ in our lives, the more we open up to sharing and being honest, the more the journey begins to embrace us. It is an extremely hard lesson to learn. We allow shame to enter in to spaces it has no right to occupy. Tender hearts are what the world needs more of and it is for this reason we are all unfolding and changing and offering our loving hearts to those who are willing to risk accepting our caring…The new world is becoming a reality. Stay tender Brad! Hope your holidays were good and may our new years ahead give us love and hope….VK πŸ™‚

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  5. I know from experience that what ever life throws our way, We grow stronger through its experiences.. And Knowing you Brad I also know that you will come through the other side of this emotion.. We should honor those emotions which stretch us to what we often feel are our limits.. As we go deeper within them We always learn something new about ourselves and others..
    Life is better lived through a tender heart than one which is switched off.. Only through the heart can we Feel, And only when its open and laid bare do we really begin to Love.. And there is no greater Love than that of Looking deeper within ones own heart and loving its Divine spark do we come to that place of Peace..
    Sending you Love and Blessings Brad.. We are with you as you travel along the roads you need to navigate..
    Love Sue ❀

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  6. A very beautiful poem. Beautifully composed as well. Nice little wave into it, I loved it. I too write poems, but not good as you. I have a website too : incrediblepoetry.wordpress.com please visit, comment about what you think about my poems.

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  7. This feels so good…so right, Brad! Your energy is shining in the light of love…know that you can face any adversity…any struggle…and come out the other end with more understanding…more love and compassion!! I send you lots of love energy…β™‘β™‘β™‘

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