Bountiful Blessings

Bountiful Blessingsbeauty, blessings, poetry


a tender moment

gentle nudges on my heart

gratitude flowing


I found this gorgeous photo on Facebook from Takinoue Park in Hokkaido, Japan. I would love to see this in person and I’m very grateful for the heartwarming colors and beautiful setting that fill my heart.

Yesterday was a beautiful reminder to keep my heart open and my attitude up while going about my day. What started as a challenging day turned into a day of ease, joy, and blessings, including some lovely messages from friends on WordPress and Facebook. Thank you!

May you find beauty to warm your heart. 


31 thoughts on “Bountiful Blessings

  1. What a fabulous photograph and yes it would be wonderful to see this. It’s interesting but I do find that sometimes when a day begins on a challenging note, it can end on a very positive one….the key is the way we approach it….I believe:) Your heart is open to the positive. Have a beautiful day…janet

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