Return to Peace

Return to Peacesunset, beauty, poetry, love



the sun sets over the distant ridge

salutations for another glorious day

reveling in the beauty and majesty of life

we can live in appreciation each moment

savoring the rainbow of colors

reflecting emotions from dark to light

there is no perfect or right way

simply a new moment to experience

return home to peace


42 thoughts on “Return to Peace

  1. You captured a Beautiful Moment here Brad.. ” Reflecting emotions from Dark to Light “,,, Yes even the heavens of our skies would not hold their allure if they did not have their many shades… πŸ™‚ Your poetry is wonderfully reflective Brad..
    Thank you for the Peace of it πŸ™‚

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  2. This poem could easily be titled “how to live a life” as the words you let flow here gives such a perfect lesson of life: “there is no perfect or right way, simply a new moment to experience, return home to peace” Be at peace with life and the only way to do that is to experience…great words to live by for the New Year.

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